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Why the pen is mightier than the IPAD.

You may think that a brave statement for a blog that prides itself on technology, innovation and problem solving. But trust me on this.

First let’s consider the longevity of each of these – firstly the humble Biro.

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Hellsing: Boredom and Games

Integra sat in her office, paper work piled neatly next to her, staring at the wall opposite. The ticking of the clock echoed through the room. 752 more words

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Inspiration for Photography

This time, it’s all about how I take photos to capture the moment, how I get inspired and some easy ways to keep shooting great photos, even when you’re not traveling. 9 more words

My Endeavors

 Dear Readers!! जब कभी Mobile की Battery निकाल देने या Battery के एकदम से Discharge हो जाने की वजह से आपके Mobile का Time बिगड़ जाता है तो आप क्या करते हैं?? 42 more words


Fitness Friday - The Dreadmill

There was a time that I enjoyed the treadmill. My little escape from mommyhood. I would get on there and zone out, bang out a few miles and be done. 258 more words


WhatsApp error: your phone date is inaccurate SOLVED

Hello Friends,

This is the problem People face while initializing WhatsApp.

When we initialize WhatsApp (mobile, Tab anywhere), it shows an error –

Your phone date is inaccurate! 107 more words


Illusions that'd make you question your sanity!!



Trust me those are two perfect concentric circles ;)



And yeah!! Those lines are parallel :p Use a ruler no!!

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