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boy in the moon

smudged by dark clouds
the moon’s cheeks
glow through like
those of a grimy-faced imp
conjuring up his next
sly trick

Zest In Life

Smash a Bottle of Vinegar In Your Enemy’s Face with This One Simple Trick!

We’ve all been there–frustrated, tired, ready to walk away and then at that exact moment is when our mortal enemy does something to completely turn our universe into a fiery Hellscape of rage. 340 more words


Pranks, Tricks, and Scares - The Technician's Family - Beaverton HVAC Tips and Reviews

New Tip: Pranks, Tricks, and Scares – The Technician’s Family
Shared By Furnace Repair Financing Beaverton Experts…

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Looking for Furnace Repair Financing or Furnace Installation in Beaverton? 31 more words


My Favorite Places to Find FREE Embroidery Designs

Embroidery, especially machine embroidery, has been around for a few years. However, embroidery has been becoming trendier lately. With the encouragement from my aunt, I’ve started learning about machine embroidery. 400 more words


The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

There’s really only one thing, that even I forget to do sometimes when making chocolate chip cookies but makes the difference ten fold.

Melting ur unsalted sweet cream butter with ur brown sugar. 64 more words


Things To Know Before Buying Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for years for there medicinal properties, derived from varies plant sources such as leaves, flowers, berries, petals and fruits through steam distillation or cold processing. 452 more words


Representing points in a set in positional-notation fashion (a trick by Bourgain): part II

This is the second and final part of an entry dedicated to a very interesting and inventive trick due to Bourgain. In part I we saw a lemma on maximal Fourier projections due to Bourgain, together with the context it arises from (the study of pointwise ergodic theorems for polynomial sequences); we also saw a baby version of the idea to come, that we used to prove the Rademacher-Menshov theorem (recall that the idea was to represent the indices in the supremum in their binary positional notation form and to rearrange the supremum accordingly). 4,031 more words