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Pole Fitness; Week 5

Today started slow, going over some stuff I already know, not being able to do very much UNTIL..I managed my first move with no hands.. looks so cool so happy, this is like my first attempt at it without support and I literally could on stay there a split second however I’m gonna work on it next week hopefully hold it higher up the pole and have more of an arched back and obviously be able to hold it longer.. 152 more words


10 Tricks to stop your lion like apetite

Hi guys

I’m always looking after you, and I saw this article about tricks to prevent that lion like hunger that we all (meaning at least me) have. 446 more words


Marriage 101

So it’s been almost a year of being Mrs Legg and I really don’t know where that year has gone! I’ve learnt so many things since being a wife and living with someone and thought I would let you all know what I’ve learnt and some tips for living with someone! 453 more words


Set Key map for function Goto Definition

To set go to definition to alt + d. From the Menu Preferences > Key Bindings-User. And then add the following JSON.

[ { "keys": ["alt+d"], "command": "goto_definition" } ] 21 more words

Testing Fossil: Code Coverage

I like and recommend fossil for source code management.

I have been contributing some formal regression testing to the development effort, primarily through writing new test cases beginning with the JSON support feature that did not have any formal regression tests. 2,489 more words


How to save time in the morning

Hello! I know alot of us never have time to do anything in the morning so i’m going to be telling you ways that you can save time before going to school. 329 more words


Trick #43

grab a chair, sit outside, and soak up the sunshine