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My sunshine turned 1!

Matteo is one year old. I can’t believe it. My husband says the days go by slowly and the years fast. It is so true. I got so caught up in the everyday efforts that time just slipped away! 531 more words


Create a virus easily which formats window drive

Want to make a simple virus on your computer….? In this article I will show you how making a simple virus by following steps:

Step-1: 86 more words

Computer Hack

In a Vaccum

So, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about ethics the other day – specifically, I was talking about my theory that you could calculate the literal ethical value of anything by surveying three people. 895 more words

William Coad

Rag workout 

No gym equipment necessary

What You’ll Need:

– A kettlbell

– 2 washcloths

Rag Workout

(Standing position)

1. Place each foot on a rag.

2. Hold your hands on your hips. 175 more words



I’m writing a book about worldbuilding. It’s not the only thing I’m working on, but it’s the one I want to talk about today.

So, here are my three top tips for building your own world: 274 more words


Goodbye to Cellulite

Here is one of my favourite bloggers about Food and Healthy Lifestyle.
FullyRawKristina. Though I haven’t managed to follow a Fully Raw Diet, I feel inspired by her videos. 253 more words


Easy microwave cleanup

Sick of scrubbing with harsh chemicals?

Try this out..


What You’ll Need:

– 1 lemon🍋

– White Vinegar

– A microwavable bowl


1. Slice up a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl. 45 more words