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10 Traveling Tips and Tricks

There are many things about traveling that can be frustrating, but with some of these hacks it can change the way you travel. For example, if you’re running very late and think your going to miss your fight, make sure you are signed up for TSA pre-check. 300 more words

Cinema And The Ear

Walter Murch said ” We begin to hear before we are born, four and a half months after conception. From then on , we develop in a continuous and luxurious bath of sound (….) throughout the second four and a half months , sound rules as solitary queen of the senses” (Murch 143) .When I think back to silent films I generally find it very hard to imagine going to see a movie that didn’t have any sound for in 2016 I am the sort of person who goes to see a film and comes out amazed at not only the vocal acting ability of the many talented actors but also the incredible soundtracks from a film . 452 more words

A quick guide to photographing the Milk Way

After posting the pictures of my recent travels on my other social media sites I got a few questions on how exactly I got the pictures of the Milky Way that I had posted.   1,329 more words


Tack cleaning tricks

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been up to some exciting horsey ventures –
I am excited to say that I will now be writing for a new horse magazine called The Mane, launching this summer. 264 more words


What to do When: You have 10 min to Get Ready for Work

Eek! You slept through your alarm and have mere minutes to prep before it’s time to grab the train. You can’t go in to work looking like a slob; this isn’t an 8 a.m. 487 more words


April beauty favourites!

Hey ghouls! Its coming to the end of april and i realised its probably about time i show you guys my favourite/most used products of the month! 32 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 28: Shadows

She awoke with a jerk

Something stirred

She froze


Black shadows

White shapes



Drooping eyes

Knocked out

Cold, exhausted

Flung on bed… 10 more words