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The Single Largest Problem of Most First Time Novels

All righty. So we have spent a couple of posts talking about getting our head right when it comes to doing this writing thing. Once we get our heads in the game, then the practical How To advice gets a heck of a lot more mileage. 1,879 more words

Kristen Lamb

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Kirsten Lamb provides us "firsties' with a guide to write a good first time novel. Thank you very much Kristen. You're an angel!

How to Get Your Best Beauty Sleep

Sleep is so important for health, weight management, and your everyday life. Young adults need to be getting the recommended 7-9 hours a night. I take my sleep very seriously, here are my top 5 ways to get the critical shut eye that we all need! 291 more words


How To Transport Breastmilk via Plane

So this has been a post Ive composed in my head maybe a hundred times. It was borne out of a need to bring home frozen breastmilk after traveling to the United States of America late last year. 1,074 more words


ABC Apologizes For Inadvertently Listing Tom Hanks, Amy Adams And Annette Bening As Oscar Nominees

File this one under “whoops.”

ABC has issued an apology after the Oscars website inadvertently published incorrect information, listing Tom Hanks, Amy Adams and Annette Bening as nominees on Tuesday morning. 272 more words


My Tips For Eating Out

I love eating out. Mostly because cooking is not my favourite chore and if I can get out of cooking and doing the dishes, score! Unfortunately, eating out is a large reason for why I gained all the weight in the first place. 554 more words