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F Family | dallas family photographer

Reid is the cutest. I just love him.  He was so happy to have his tricycle and was so photogenic throughout our session!  I loved chasing him around and his parents had me laughing with some of their tricks at getting him to smile and laugh.  Enjoy their session!

Natural Light Photographer

i-Road - Toyota's Strange Little Concept Vehicle

Wired reported –

The i-Road is not a car. It’s a funky electric three-wheeled concept the automaker seems to think we’ll one day use to zip around cities burning nothing but rubber. 47 more words

Plate Paradox

There are plenty of self appointed experts on UK tricycle legislation inhabiting the Googlesphere. Two pieces of legislation that cause the most controversy are driver licensing and the display of a front number plate. 352 more words

March 2015 - Hunger, Speech and Violence

Sunday, 1st March 2015

Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Saturday, 7th March 2015

Wednesday, 11th March

18th March

Sunday 22nd March – Hunger and Speech

We were going for a birthday bash at The Jolly Roger. 241 more words


Would you trade in your car for an adult tricycle?

The latest vehicle invention doesn’t look particularly hi-tech, but it could potentially transform how we travel around busy cities.

An electric tricycle, invented by Ryan Chin from MIT’s media lab, is designed to meet EU bike regulations, currently travels at just 12 miles per hour, and is intended to fit in bike lanes. 292 more words