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Lit Lots

Lit Lots

On my tricycle
Scooting down the highway
I chanced upon a man
Who would call me a friend

In your sprawling home
I would try to find you… 107 more words

September Era (II)

Flowers for the Dead


I gather flowers for the dead. I have been at this shady harvest for more than 30 years, training with the best: Martha deBarros from the Zen Hospice Project of San Francisco Zen Center (SFZC); Frank Ostaseski, cofounder of Zen Hospice and founder of the Metta Institute; and Roshi Joan Halifax, founder of Upaya Zen Center’s Being With Dying program. 613 more words


Attacking Mont Ventoux through the easy route

“I have climbed Mt. Ventoux three times. I took the easiest route, Sault, the shortest. It is 26 kms and it is doable. The last six kilometres are very tough.  142 more words


Finding a challenge in competitions

“I used to participate in competition a long time ago. At that time, we only had a choice of the 1,500 and 3,000 metres and this was very short and intensive. 284 more words


On Two Wheels or Three, Modern Designs Echo Classic Lines

BMW Customized with Art Deco Aluminum Body

Fred Bertrand, award winning owner of Krugger Motorcycles, was commissioned by BMW Motorrad France to customize a  BMW K1600 luxury touring bike. 366 more words


Being on two wheels can keep you on two feet

1/4: “I have spasticity. It means there is too much tension on my muscles and I have plastic supports on my legs to keep the them straight. 181 more words


A brief history of the velocipede

Early bicycles– often known as velocipedes– first became popular in Paris in 1867. Who exactly invented the bicycle remains contested territory, but a carriage maker named Pierre Michaux worked with three brothers named Marius, Aimé, and René Olivier to sell velocipedes. 818 more words