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Scalped and Other News

-The NFL is becoming more and more unlikable every day(scrippsmedia.com)

Ticket Deal Put Titans In Business With Scalper

JavaScript required to play Ticket Deal Put Titans In Business With Scalper… 279 more words

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The Witness

There is a beautiful piece on ecological grief written by Paul Kingsnorth for Tricycle, my favorite Buddhist magazine. You can read the full article… 99 more words


mindfulness, ethics & the baffling debate

Mindfulness. Ethics. Buddhism. Therapy. It’s an ongoing and oft-times baffling debate. Over the last few years (since 2011 if I track the academic publications correctly), Buddhists have stepped up to express concerns about the frighteningly rapid secular applications of mindfulness that seem to dilute and disregard its core teachings and intention. 1,062 more words

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Panjiayuan flea market.

Even in the tricycle world not everyone is equal…some have to work harder than other at moving things around.

Life In China

I might be that person...

I might be the third wheel to basically every couple I know (and come to think of it, most of my best friends are couples), but I sure as hell will document that unashamedly.

Cool Story Bro

05.13.15 | purple basket and blue shoes

Post 863: 133/365

Dirt King FTW! This tricycle was totally worth the price. Seriously. The enjoyment my daughter gets out of it, combined with the strength and confidence it gives her is priceless.

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