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Riding on my bike


‘Hello, I was just wondering if…’

‘Sarah, your trike isn’t ready yet. We’re still working on it. We’ll call you, promise.’

I felt unreasonable for ringing for the third time this week about a tricycle that up until a week ago, was slowly rusting in my shed. 1,170 more words


The first time I fell

I have never forgotten the first time I fell off a bike. Though, I’m not sure anyone forgets any falls, except those that result in brain damage or death. 343 more words


Tricycle Granny

Tricycle granny
zipping all over the town
Get out of the way


A chandelier accident and a stolen tricycle (Belle)

This was turning into a great work day. Bruno Ganz was wandering around, wearing a dinner jacket. A colleague told me ‘management’ had  taken Bruno out to a casino for dinner and a chandelier had fallen off the ceiling near their table. 84 more words

Mountain carting in Grindelwald

It was a cloudy and rainy day on our second day in the Swiss town Interlaken. I’d planned to go up to Grindelwald First and have a look at the view from the top of the mountain. 451 more words


A Purposeless Tricycle

Throughout my life I have gone by a number of different names, but when I was a boy I was known as “Robbie” and I had neither of my legs. 2,350 more words

Short Story