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Circulatory & Deep Tissue Massage

“What style of massage do you do?”, is a question a number of my new clients tend to ask. My massage sessions are eclectic in that they integrate various modalities depending on a client’s needs. 396 more words


Subscapularis Trigger Point Acupuncture

When it comes to trigger point needling in the shoulder one of the major muscles we have to address is subscapularis. It plays a unique role as the only rotator cuff muscle to perform internal rotation. 739 more words


Simple Manual Therapy Techniques to Combine with Acupuncture

One of the most under-utilized techniques in the acupuncturist’s tool belt is manual therapy (Tui Na). This modality can be an extremely effective tool to decrease pain and increase range of motion immediately for a patient. 644 more words


Needle Manipulation Intensity

When we teach our courses one of the most common questions is about intensity of needling. Specifically, how much mechanical irritation is needed to relieve a trigger point. 555 more words


Injury Prevention

“I had some knee pain during my workout class, but I think I’ll just rest and it will go away.”

Most of the patients whom I work with are avid in the fitness world, whether it be Bootcamp, CrossFit, OrangeTheory Fitness, or running. 583 more words


Have you ever felt pain during running?

It is not “normal” to have pain while you run. Many people who have this complaint describe the pain as happening in the beginning of a run, but then it “works itself out”. 472 more words


Welcome to the team Dave Bullen!

We are delighted to welcome Dave Bullen (Physiotherapist) to the Willis Street Physiotherapy team.


Dave Graduated from Brunel University London 2007 where he started his career in the Public sector of the NHS rotating around the hospital circuit gaining experience with all manner of injuries from the very acute to the chronic long-term dysfunctional injuries. 190 more words