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Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

I met the lovely Nadia the other day.

Nadia has been following my facebook page for sometime and recently moved to the Illawarra from SA. I was so pleased to finally meet her. 28 more words


Don't Be Knotty

Everyone that comes in for a massage refers to the “knots” in their muscles. Not a very technical or scientific term, but everyone knows what they mean. 640 more words


Trigger points ή σημεία πυροδότησης πόνου

Ο Dr Travell και ο D.G Simons το 1983 ανέφεραν ότι οι μύες μπορεί να είναι η αιτία κάποιου πόνου. Έτσι η άποψη ότι μόνο ο τραυματισμός των αρθρώσεων ή η φλεγμονή κάποιου νεύρου μπορούν να προκαλέσουν πόνο καταρρίφθηκε. 14 more words

'Bradying Down:' it's an interesting experience

Many of us take trigger point injections to deal with the muscle spasms that can accompany fibro. Mine took an interesting turn today when I passed out, mid-injection. 356 more words

New Service: Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling uses a small filiform (acupuncture needle) inserted into a painful knot (the kind of knot you just can’t seem to get rid of with massage and foam rolling). 236 more words


Foam Rolling & Cycling

The time spent off the bike recovering is just as important as the time spent training on the saddle. For most, after a long ride, a few minutes spent stretching the main muscles involved in cycling is enough. 258 more words



Another often-seen running injury deals with one tricky piece of human anatomy – the achilles tendon. Achilles tendinopathy is a condition that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness of the… 794 more words