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Stuff I Like: RumbleRoller Foam Roller

I have spent the past month or so really dialed in to getting prepared for the upcoming ski season.  At the ripe old age of 38 I did not want to be that guy on the slopes who goes hard his first day out and spends the next week walking around like his legs are welded at the knee. 471 more words

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Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are known as those pesky spots on our body that are hyper irritable. They are an extremely common cause of pain, and when pressed on can cause pain in another area. 234 more words

How To Get Rid Of Pain

First blog post

Pain is inevitalbe; suffering is optional.   An Adult human has 206 bones and nearly 700 skeletal muscles.  This structrue allows us to make the postures and movement we want.   71 more words

Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

I met the lovely Nadia the other day.

Nadia has been following my facebook page for sometime and recently moved to the Illawarra from SA. I was so pleased to finally meet her. 28 more words


Don't Be Knotty

Everyone that comes in for a massage refers to the “knots” in their muscles. Not a very technical or scientific term, but everyone knows what they mean. 640 more words


Trigger points ή σημεία πυροδότησης πόνου

Ο Dr Travell και ο D.G Simons το 1983 ανέφεραν ότι οι μύες μπορεί να είναι η αιτία κάποιου πόνου. Έτσι η άποψη ότι μόνο ο τραυματισμός των αρθρώσεων ή η φλεγμονή κάποιου νεύρου μπορούν να προκαλέσουν πόνο καταρρίφθηκε. 14 more words