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Trigger Point Clues

Trigger points are tight areas found in certain muscles that cause pain when pressure is applied directly to them. Some trigger points are small, and feel like a pea, some are larger and feel like a section of a marble. 741 more words

Injury File

Writing is a Pain in the Neck (Literally)

I have been quiet lately, more quiet than usual. No, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. Instead, I woke up about a month and a half ago with excruciating neck and shoulder pain. 391 more words


Trigger Happy

He explained his reasoning. She explained hers. He became more aggressive and she became more defensive.

Target Acquired.

He wouldn’t relent and she became obstinate. 686 more words


Get in touch with the many benefits of massage

Massage is no longer available only at luxury spas and health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered at businesses, hospitals, clinics, even airports. If you’ve never had a massage (what are you waiting for,) learn about the benefits and what to expect during a massage session. 638 more words


Referred Pain

Referred pain is when an injury occurs in one location, but pain is experienced in another location. Pain referral can happen in different scenarios,what I am talking about here is the type that you experience moving through life, doing your daily routine, exercise, or even just waking up in the morning or picking up your child, not the kind of referral you might find if someone presses hard on a “knot” or “trigger point.” 297 more words


Trigger Points – Signs of a Past Storm.

Your sleep gets interrupted one night by what sounds like a massive storm outside. The following morning as you leave the house, you see evidence of the past storm on the ground, broken branches, leaves and stones lying on the road etc . 757 more words

Trigger Points & Massage