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In the Beginning...

“I’m built like a peasant.  When the famine comes, I’ll still be here.”

This is me.

I’m a 42yo woman, work two jobs, have four kids and essentially my life isn’t my own.   284 more words

Scared Skinnier

Almost a year ago, on May 18, 2015, I visited a new medical practice to have an initial consultation as my internist was in the process of retiring. 1,063 more words


How to Bring Your Triglycerides down Naturally?

High triglycerides level in blood leads to various risks associated with health, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease among others. If you are diagnosed with high triglycerides, it is important that you take action right away. 169 more words


Bad, bad margarine. Fats explained in 3 points

How many times have you heard about margarine being a nice alternative to butter? Let me tell you it is not. But why?


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What Are Triglycerides| Live Science

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. They are the most common type of fat in the body. Triglycerides are necessary for health but in excess amounts, they may be harmful and may increase the risk of heart disease. 18 more words

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Cholesterol Basics [Show Notes]

Cholesterol Basics – Episode 41

Fats don’t mix with water.  Some fats are liquid at room temperature (oils), some fats are solid at room temperature. 497 more words


Bad, bad margarine. Fats explained in 3 points

But, isn’t margarine a product that contains vegetable fats and hence a very healthy fat for us? Well, yes it does, and no it is not. 1,227 more words