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Myths of Cholesterol

A number of cholesterol myths have accumulated over the years, so it’s time to debunk some of these common fallacies and understand the facts instead. We’ve been programmed to believe that cholesterol is bad, however recent studies have steadily unfolded and overturned this belief. 843 more words


Studies Question Fish Oil's Effectiveness With Heart Health

DENVER (CBS4)– Fish oil is the third most popular dietary supplement in the nation with more than 10 percent of Americans taking it daily for heart health. 272 more words


Where Does Lost Weight Go?

Ok, so you weigh too much. Somehow by eating like everyone else you know, you have managed, over the years to accumulate a lot of extra mass. 1,595 more words


My Ancestors are Secretly trying to Kill me, so I made Cauliflower Pizza

As a gluten-free, crossfitter I considered myself pretty healthy. I watched what I ate, worked out 4-5 days a week, don’t smoke, you know a pretty “healthy” lifestyle, or so I thought. 871 more words


National pet month, 1st April to the 4th May

This Wednesday is the start of national pets month.  Over the years we have had many pets in my family. From Tortoises to Gecko lizards, dogs, cats, all types of birds, a swearing African Gray Parrot who thought he was a dog, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  488 more words

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Size does matter: LDL particle size (and number)

So it turns out that the answer to the age old question “Does size matter?” is YES!

Lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides need to be transported from where they are absorbed or made to where they can be stored or metabolized. 751 more words


The Sugar Conspiracy

The Secrets of Sugar

Film Review by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | March 20, 2015

The Secrets of Sugar is a Canadian documentary about the conspiracy by the sugar industry and processed food companies to conceal the damaging effects of sugar on human health.

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