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December means medical checkup

WHEN I WINGED south over the Rio Bravo way back in the Dark Ages, I had the hysterical healthcare mentality of a typical Gringo.

Live without health insurance? 314 more words


Biological Molecules - Lipids


The word that strikes fear into the hearts of many people. They try their best to avoid it by eating low-fat food, but instead they overeat the low-fat food, creating a viscous cycle of adipose love handles. 267 more words


Lipids: Part 1

What if I told you that you needed to consume more fats to stay at a healthy weight. Initially I did not believe it but after learning about the different types of fats it all makes sense. 873 more words


Five Levels of Healing; Healing is Voltage; Importance of Potassium; 10.13.2017


Important to have a healthy relationship with the bacteria in our bodies.  Check out Dr. Anne Livingston’s work regarding the 10-20 different bacteria that are known and proven to cause cancers. 185 more words


Study reveals role of specific lipids in accelerating or curbing bacterial infection

Study reveals role of specific lipids in accelerating or curbing bacterial infection

Lipids appear to play an important role in infections. According to researchers from the University of Maastricht in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) in Baltimore, Md., USA, specific lipids can greatly accelerate bacterial infection. 694 more words


Types of Lipids

There are three types of lipids – triglycerides, phospholipids, and sterols.


Triglycerides are the most prevalent type of fat in food and body. It consists of three fatty acids bonded by glycerol.  371 more words


Metabolism / Triglycerides

Notes by: Billy Staggs Cahill

Nursing Student – RN

A&P Instructor: Dr. Vera Mcilvain PhD / Adjunct Professor 

Fall 2017

Onondaga Community College