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Know Your Numbers

I prefer to work with words, but I’ve always known my numbers: how to count to ten, how many teeth I’d lost, how much I’d earn at twenty cents an hour, how many years until I could drive; my age, height, weight, and grade point average; mortgage loan rates, check book balances, mileage per gallon, years to retirement. 424 more words

Aging Well

Eggs are great - with a few small exceptions

Every morning I have my egg. I soft-boil one after I finish my workout, at the same time I make my coffee, and by the time all is said and done, I have coffee and egg (and some fruit or gluten-free granola) for my breakfast. 1,122 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Cholesterol And Its Relationship To Fertility

According to a recent study, there is a relationship between cholesterol and fertility. The study shows that high levels of cholesterol may impair fertility, especially if each partner has a high cholesterol level. 404 more words


Inflammasomes and Food

Inflammasomes are activated when stranger and danger signals are present within the body. Bacteria and viruses can cause this, but so can foreign chemicals like asbestos and amyloid in our brains. 609 more words


OTCs in Action Episode 29: Probiotic powers

Probiotics are in action this week, effectively tackling the common cold, allergy and triglycerides, according to a recent edition of OTC.Newsflash, published by Nicholas Hall & Company: 185 more words


Multiple family living situations, overeating, poor control

Just saw an 11 year old boy living with aunts and relatives in one house. When mother goes to work at 6pm ( after he has had dinner), he continues to overeat and his aunts and grandparents continue to feed him. 107 more words

Nuts about Coconut!

Ah coconut oil, it’s the latest craze! It’s what the cabbage soup diet was to the 60’s, the Atkin’s was in the 70’s (and the 90’s), it’s is on every blog you read, ironic, I know. 721 more words

Health Promotion