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Normal Cholesterol Levels? You are still at risk of a heart Attack!! Track your bio-markers

Cardiovascular Risk

A healthy heart is vital to longevity. In recent years evidence has shown that preventing heart disease is not simply a matter of driving cholesterol levels down. 83 more words


What Do My Lipid Numbers Mean?

I just had my blood lipid panel taken. The results made me want to share some thoughts on this assessment. Let’s start with what cholesterol is and why we should care. 376 more words



you try this product. C. Lavie Paris Essential .19 Day Cream. The formula is designed to regulate cell functioning, and ensure that the skin plays its role as a barrier. 58 more words


TRIGLYCERIDES-Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. People with higher triglycerides have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, it can be tricky to know whether the triglycerides themselves are the true cause of the increased risk because it is also  related with other risk factors like high blood sugar, low HDL cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 480 more words


Solving The Joint Pain Problem

The first thing I need to do if I’m going to get super fit is solve the joint pain problem. I can’t do any decent exercise until I’ve calmed down the pain in almost every joint in my body. 985 more words


Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides

A few years ago, a former professor showed me a blood test, and I must say – it impressed me.

The five key blood parameters: urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides had values which far exceeded thenormal levels. 45 more words



There’s a ton of information available online about the health benefits of alcohol. And the harm it can do (from inebriation and just health-related).

I’m just here to give my personal opinion on the topic. 738 more words