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How does fat enter your body?

  • When you eat food that contains fat, the triglycerides go through your stomach and your intestines. The fat droplets get mixed with bile (released from the gallbladder), which emulsifies the fat.
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“Fat water” is now a thing – here’s the inside scoop

Earlier this month I told you all about Dave Asprey and his genius invention, Bulletproof Coffee. Here’s some exciting news: Mr Asprey has now created yet another weight loss beverage – it’s called FATwater. 577 more words


The Unicity Transformation Program

Imagine being able to transform your health with a coach – one that is uplifting, supportive, and connected to who you are and how you live! 57 more words


The FDA Just Lost a Lawsuit That Could Change How Drugs Are Regulated

A small drug company has won an early fight in its case against the FDA, which will allow it to promote its fish-oil pill for treatments not explicitly approved by the agency.

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Fat Water Is Now a Thing

This is This Is Now a Thing, where we check out the science behind new health trends.

The thing: A $3.95 bottle of water mixed with fat, a sweetener and some flavors. 761 more words

It's Not Only Overweight People At Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

Many people think of type 2 diabetes as being a disease of the overweight and obese. While it is true that being overweight or obese is a risk factor, it is not only overweight people at risk for type 2 diabetes. 526 more words



Today, I’d like to introduce another product by Total Life Changes called Iaso Techui (tah-chew-ē)

I’ve added this to my weight loss program and am absolutely thrilled with it.   481 more words

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