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LCHF & High Cholesterol? Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room..

No blog about LCHF or Low Inflammation Living would be complete if it did not tackle this issue. Yes, HIGH CHOLESTEROL!! The response to carbohydrate restriction varies from individual to individual. 718 more words

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DHA & EPA - Omega 3 fatty acids as the panacea for all illnesses

In our last blog , we discussed the origin of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. We have suggested that it is undoubtedly one of the most vital nutrients to be included in daily diet. 540 more words


Fast Facts: High Triglycerides vs Bad Cholesterol

In 2011 nearly 787,000 people died from heart disease, making the condition the number one cause of death for both men and women. In the United States someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds, and every 60 seconds someone dies from a heart-disease-related event. 451 more words

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When You Lose Weight, Where Does The Fat Go?

by PLOS Blogs Network

The answer to this question may surprise you. In fact, according to a recent British Medical Journal article discussing this issue, few health professionals, including doctors, dieticians, and personal trainers know the correct answer. 125 more words


A simple home-made drink to burn off fat

Do you want to lose unwanted body fat and keep it off? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?

Effective and safe weight loss always starts with a proper diet and a properly training regimen. 487 more words


Régime crétois : mettez de l'oignon dans vos recettes

Régime crétois : mettez de l’oignon dans vos recettes: “Le régime crétois, ou régime méditerranéen : mieux manger pour mieux vivre !

Les bienfaits de l’alimentation des habitants de la belle île de Crète sont reconnus depuis des recherches relativement récentes menées dans les années 1950. 181 more words


Why We Are Fat


A couple of days ago one of my articles:

The Misguided Battle Against Dietary Fat and Cholesterol

was published, which has created quite a stir on Facebook in some groups. 105 more words

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