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Inday Sara to ‘stupid’ Trillanes: We wouldn’t have used real names if we wanted to conceal assets

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Image from Sara Duterte’s Official Instagram Account

Duterte’s daughter lashes out at her father’s tormentor
She said she and hubby wouldn’t have used real names if they wanted to hide their properties
She calls Trill…


Trillanes: Duterte’s billions possibly from illegal sources

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Images from dutertecayetano.com, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s official Facebook Account

Senator weighs in on the source of Davao City mayor’s alleged billions… 13 more words

VIRAL: Senator Trillanes IV Bullied By Duterte's Supporters!

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Last Monday, Senator Trillanes IVwas bullied by the crowd while on his way out from the bank. That day was the presentation of his affidavit against presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. 8 more words

Trillanes Anthology

Now Mr. Trillanes, what say you? Especially anti Duterte and pro-Trillanes netizens, what can you say? :D The jokes on you. You’re being lied to your face and still say Trillanes is a saint. 10 more words


READ: The Truth About Sen. Trillanes' Accusation of Duterte Property Revealed!

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For weeks now, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been in the hot seat. He is consistent in ranking first in the recent surveys that’s why his critics are busy. 16 more words

Duterte asks BSP, AMLC how come Trillanes was able to access BPI account; BSP, AMLC denies leak

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Image from Rody Duterte’s Facebook account


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte asked BSP and AMLC why it allows the military to look into people’s bank accounts… 12 more words

Trillanes the Brave.

This guy is just playing b**lS**t with all of us. Unless we didn’t know what black propaganda is, then we may be trapped with this guy’s fraudulent mouth. 193 more words