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Ireland 2015: Trim Castle and Back to Dublin

Ian and I had stayed up late the night before watching movies so we were a little later to rise than normal but still the first people to breakfast.   701 more words


Day to day

It’s currently 11:10pm, I’m getting up at 7:30am tomorrow and I’m going to Howth with a bunch of other au-pairs so really, there is no reason for me to be writing a long overdue update post on my blog, I should be asleep after a long work week enjoying my rest, but no, here I am as usual, overworking. 1,002 more words


Swords and the journey home

Ross Castle isn’t far from Swords, but it was far enough from Dublin Airport that we felt we needed another night close to the airport. So with some recommendations from Jackie, our B&B host, we set off to explore the area around Ross and on our way to Swords. 606 more words

Places We've Been: Europe

We the North 

After a quick bus up from the Dublin airport to Belfast we have finally made it to family where we were fed an abnormal amount. We need to remember that we have dresses to fit into here… … 100 more words

The Weekly Word: In Which I Share All The Links!

Howdy folks. Another Monday, another week! This week’s Weekly Word thankfully is coming to you on time. I hope you enjoy reading these little weekly updates, as I really enjoy writing them, and I get great satisfaction from sitting down and unloading about how my week went, whether it be good or bad. 645 more words

The Weekly Word