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To Prune or Not to Prune, That is the Question...

So, this has been a post I have been milling about for some time. I really don’t know much about pruning myself, and I wanted to give this long, thought out post on Pruning 101. 385 more words

Salvaging a 20 year old garden

Some gardens, like some people, age gracefully, others don’t.  We inherited a yard planted too tightly for the size of the mature shrubs.  To complicate the situation further, the majority of these shrubs were trimmed (probably twice a year) with no regard for the needs of the plant. 503 more words


Dreamland: Rabbit

f/5.6 | 2 sec | ISO 100

“Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”

Here is yet another freaky looking trimmed shrub / tree in infrared. 54 more words


Dreamland: Boogeyman

f/5 | 2 sec | ISO 100

Some of the trimmed shrubs / trees look quite freaky in infrared.

Original size: 2592 x 3872 | … 25 more words



You can see great examples of topiary (the art of trimming shrubs and trees into geometric forms, animals and other shapes) in the several parks of Bangkok. 47 more words


"Extreme Sports" at home

What I mean is “extreme pruning” at home.  This shrub was mightily overgrown.  WAS is the key word.  If it survives my cutting back, it will be very nice; if it doesn’t, I’ll do something else here. 20 more words

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