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Bastion First Impressions

So a while ago Steam had Bastion for the cheap price of £2.84 and it has been on my wishlist forever so I grabbed at the offer. 227 more words


Project October Writing Journal - Part 13

Day 28

Today something unusual happened. I had no family commitments or job interviews, a day to myself, and I was planning to do housework and writing. 1,559 more words

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Project October Writing Journal - Part 12

Day 26

I didn’t write today and after not writing yesterday that really has put me behind schedule with the word count. I slept late (exhaustion still not dealt with), washed my hair, dried my hair, fell asleep again (when I am tired, I am really tired), then woke up to have some dinner and go to a branch meeting of the political party I am a member of. 503 more words

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Project October Writing Journal - Part 11

Day 24

Agony today. High heels yesterday partly responsible. Dancing at the wedding partly responsible. Nursing eight-month old twin nieces partly responsible. Taking public transport to the wedding and home again also partly responsible. 315 more words

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Project October Writing Journal - Part 10

Day 21

I’m just back from my job interview in the city. I was less nervous this time (not nervous at all, in fact) and I hope that was evident because the interviewer mentioned it to the recruiter last time like it might be some sort of deal breaker for this job. 1,585 more words

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Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 59!

Nothing too crazy in this week’s edition of ‘Weekly pick-ups’ but I did get an awesome gaming trilogy!


I’m not a big fan of puzzle platformers but the Trine games are an exception. 55 more words


Project October Writing Journal - Part 9

Day 19

I went to have my licence renewed today. It’s ten years since I first got my licence and that meant I needed a new photograph. 874 more words

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