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Frozenbyte Calls Switch A "Powerhouse" Hinting Trine Games Could Be Ported In The Future

Trine series developer, Frozenbyte, have given some great praise for the Nintendo Switch, calling the console a “powerhouse”. They also went on to advise that they’re enjoying development on the console and that it accommodates the demanding visuals of their latest title Nine Parchments: 136 more words



To be 100% honest, I don’t have a 100% understanding of Dane Rudhyar’s lunation cycle such that I can transport the principles to other transit cycles. 1,159 more words


Saturn trine Uranus, 11 Nov, 2017!

The third and last meet up between these two planets, first up in Dec 24-25 2016, then again in May 19-20 2017. Trines are considered one of the  most beneficial because you don’t have to do too much work with them, but it’s best to put some effort into it as you can get positive results. 183 more words


Full Moon - Nov 4, 2017

This moon is a full moon in Taurus and luxury is important to Taurus.  In this full moon energy we are seeing “luxury” as a sense of fluidity… 280 more words


Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte: A Colorful Interview for a Colorful Game (Part 1)

Today and tomorrow Redonkulous Gaming will be releasing a two part series interview with Frozenbyte Studios who is currently working on Nine Parchments.  The first part of the interview (this one) will be a little bit about Frozenbyte, and tomorrow will be questions about Nine Parchments.  448 more words


Last night we stood out in this vast space & watched the Samhain sun set & the moon rise. While I was blown away by the rapidly changing colours & how refreshing it has been living with our planets’ rhythms ~ taking time to watch the Sun and Moon rise & set on a daily basis, going to bed when it’s dark, rising with Venus & the Sun ~ it also occurred to me that this pleasing feeling that this scene gave me was the energy of a trine. 154 more words


Project October 2017: Week Five

Yes, it’s that time of year again when I go on a partial hiatus to do a really intensive month of writing. Normal posts will resume in November but, in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy an insight into this year’s Project October. 168 more words

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