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Trine: Part Two, Chapter One

A couple of days ago, I discussed the age old question of whether women can write male characters and men can write female characters.

In the novel I am currently writing, … 2,678 more words


Nintendo Wii U eShop - The Epic Indie Sale

From July 9th, 9 a.m. PT to July 23rd, 8:59 a.m., you can save money on your eShop indie purchases . If you own or buy any of the select titles shown above on… 17 more words


01 July 2015 - The "Super Mommy" Dynamic and The 2015 Capricorn Full Moon

As we begin this calendar month of July 2015, we continue on in the 2015 Cancer Sun period while entering a numerological 6 universal month… 1,338 more words


What's in my console - June 2015

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What games did I play in June? Let’s dive “in my console”, with 3 good reasons to play the games that I loved this month. 1,664 more words


Dans ma console - Juin 2015

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Quels sont les jeux auxquels j’ai joué ou rejoué ce mois-ci ? Je vous invite “dans ma console”, en vous donnant 3 bonnes raisons de jouer aux jeux que j’ai aimés récemment.  1,913 more words


Planets, past and potential

I am a sucker for horoscopes. And I am schooling myself in the planets, where they are, what they are doing and what it could mean for me. 564 more words

2015 Venus in Leo - Part One: Expressing Your Authenticity in Your Relationships

Venus entered the sign of Leo at 8:33a PDT on Friday, 5th June 2015. As it did, it shifted the focus of our one-on-one relationships to from how we emotionally nurture and care for each other to how we acknowledge and bring attention to our own and each other’s unique self-expression. 1,090 more words