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Easter is the time of the year we as believers commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of our precious Savior and glorious Lord, Jesus Christ.  2,874 more words

Review: Called by Triune Grace

Called by Triune Grace (Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture), Jonathan Hoglund. Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2016.

Summary: A monograph exploring the doctrine of effectual calling and how it is that God’s speech brings about our regeneration and conversion. 661 more words

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Athanasius as Interpreter of the Trinity: Why the Nicene Creed and Penal Substitution Are Incompatible | New Humanity Institute

The Relevance of the Father-Son Relation

Athanasius’ understanding of the Father-Son relationship (1) disqualifies penal substitutionary atonement where the Son receives the punitive and retributive wrath of God; (2) questions any definition of justification in which the Father has a different experience of us than the Son and the Spirit; and (3) makes impossible a husband-wife hierarchy based on the idea that the Trinity is a hierarchy of power. 4,024 more words


Thinking Through Creation: A review

I am often asked to read and review books for this blog, and I rarely do so; not because I’m uninterested but time doesn’t often permit. 746 more words


A bibliography on the Trinity

My studies for our series “The Trinity” at Eastbrook plunged me into a lot of reading, reflecting, and praying. Along with a thorough study of Scripture on the nature of God as Trinity, I strongly recommend readings of the early Christian creeds, particular… 495 more words

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The Trinity: historical background

One of the biggest problems within contemporary North American Christianity is theological amnesia. Many churchgoers have no idea that our faith is situated within “a great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) spanning from the time of Christ up to our present day. 1,154 more words

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Trinitarian Theology

In a 2,000-2,200 words document, defend the Nicene Creed’s claim that Jesus is equal with the Father using Biblical Theology.

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