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My Paper on EFS is Now up on the Evangelical Philosophical Society Website

An Examination of Recent Philosophical Responses to Thomas McCall’s Argument Against Eternal Functional Subordination

by Christopher G. Woznicki

Since Thomas McCall first published Which Trinity? Whose Monotheism? 201 more words


Yannaras - 'God' is first and foremost a 'person'

“The one God is not one divine nature or essence, but primarily one person: the person of God the Father. The personal existence of God (the Father) … 84 more words

The Mission of the Church

 “For we cannot help but speak of what we have seen and heard.”

Acts 4:20

  An empty tomb and the testimony of angels stood as a witness to the women that the One who was once laid there in death had been resurrected – immediately they ran to inform the disciples. 2,148 more words


The Harmony of the Trinity? On Essence and Relation

In my studies on the Trinity there are two things that I find are central when thinking about the Trinity and they are two things I constantly struggle with; understanding God through the concepts of Essence and Relation. 828 more words

The Trinity // St. Augustine (trans. by Edmund Hill).

One of the most brilliant minds of the Christian tradition (and beyond!), St. Augustine plunges into the most captivating, yet also the most incomprehensible pillar of the Christian faith–the Triunity of God. 155 more words

Book Review


When I went  to York recently (see previous posts) I heard an excellent short paper from Canon Rosalind Brown on the subject of diaconal formation.  She has as you know written helpfully on the diaconate, and chaired the working party for the Salisbury Report in 2003, where she trained ordinands. 2,777 more words


Too much to bear - a sermon

My Trinity Sunday sermon can be heard on the Saint Paul’s website, or read it here.

“Jesus said to the disciples, ‘I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now…” If you listened carefully on Monday morning, you might have been able to hear preachers across the globe letting out a huge sigh of relief as they read the opening line to today’s Gospel lesson and realized that Jesus himself was giving them a pass on preaching the doctrine of the Trinity. 1,342 more words