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Sunday at Starbank

Flowers, boats and birdboxes, see more at https://friendsofstarbankpark.org/. #Starbank #communitygardening



Same-sex marriage is a form of iconoclasm

God designed marriage and the family as a reflection of the Most Holy Trinity and the Holy Family. Advocating for marriage to be something other than one man, one woman, for life is to advocate for a new sort of iconoclasm. 265 more words


The Baptist Confession of Faith


Paragraph 2. Religious worship is to be given to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to Him alone; not to angels, saints, or any other creatures; and since the fall, not without a mediator, nor in the mediation of any other but Christ alone.


No cantata for Trinity 18 in 1723

There is no cantata left to us for this week in 1723, the 18th Sunday after Trinity. It seems to be a pattern for the Trinity season of 1723 that in the week of a big holiday (St. 117 more words


Trinity - Shaolin Temple / Version (Gussie 76) 1978 JA 7"

Trinity – Shaolin Temple / Buddah Bless You (Gussie 76) 1978 JA 7″

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Produced by Augustus Clarke / A. Clarke

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Hippolytus Knows Better Than Messiahs Disciple's? ...so he thinks. 

In the work of Hippolytus known as “Against Noetus” which teaches a trinity of sorts, and is used of Trinitarians to assist their narrative …however we should not overlook the tones of arrogance by Hippolytus in this writing, the same type of arrogance found among many Trinitarian writings …that they think they are smarter …or know better, better than the Disciples themselves even. 496 more words