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Jesus, Humanity, and the Trinity // Kathryn Tanner.

The year just started but I am bold enough to say that this particular book will be one of the best reads of my 2017. 187 more words

Book Review

We Cannot Serve God Alone: Ministry in the Image of God

“Ministry… is not so much asking Christ to join us in our ministry as we offer him to others; ministry is participating with Christ in his ongoing ministry as he offers himself to others through us.” – Stephen Seamands… 694 more words

My Guide: The Holy Spirit

“…the natural realm can only give birth to things that are natural, but the spiritual realm gives birth to supernatural life!” – John 3:6 TPT… 1,080 more words


Apostolic Succession--a doctrine rooted in history...

Going back to a particular conversation I had with an NT scholar recently, one thing he asked in his adamant denial and objection to Apostolic Succession is whether the Church is served by dogma with no historic foundation. 3,554 more words


Trinitarian Morning Prayer

Good morning heavenly Father,
good morning Lord Jesus,
good morning Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Father, I worship you as the creator and sustainer of the universe. 129 more words


The Church and the Glory of God; Ephesians 1

01/15 The Church and the Glory of God ; Audio available at: http://www.ephraimbible.org/Sermons/20170115_church-glory-of-god.mp3

We have been looking for the last two weeks at the purpose of the church. 2,904 more words


How Not to Read the Bible: Modalist Edition

In this edition of “How Not to Read the Bible” (a series in which so far I have only written one article), I look at one of the fundamental interpretative errors that leads to the heresy of modalism, the notion that God is not Triune (three persons in one being) but rather a single divine monad who simply manifests himself in three different ways throughout history as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, not unlike an actor who puts on different masks to play different roles in the same play. 1,187 more words

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