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This world is too lavish.

So often we rush on with our busy lives and forget this, take for granted how rich and full the world is. 1,179 more words

Theology for Kids: Who is God the Son?

Who is God the Son?

God the Son is the second Person of the Trinity. Like the Father, the Son (the Lord Jesus Christ) has always been around (John 1:1-2). 244 more words

Jesus Christ

Yasmeen Farra Claims SCAC Offensive Player of the Week Award

On the weekend where Trinity University’s women clinched the regular season title, Yasmeen Farra has won the conference offensive player of the week award. The Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) gave Farra the honor on Tuesday. 235 more words


It may be profitable at this juncture to introduce the notion of a concrete universal. In seeking for an answer to the one-and-many question, philosophers have admittedly experienced great difficulty.

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Cornelius Van Til

The Creeds

The Creeds, in their diversities, have always been a source of debate and inquiry. It isn’t just their differences or the ancient language that causes questions, but it’s their theology, the implied metaphysics and cosmology as well. 419 more words


Essential Theology: God is One

I believe that God is in some essential way One, a unity, united in being or at least in goodness, fellowship, and purpose. Although the overall spiritual realm may be diverse and inhabited by beings of different sorts and characteristics (more on that shortly); God as the highest Reality is united, stable, and in consistent harmony in his character, intention, and oversight. 2,041 more words

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Hi Everyone,

I have been really busy lately because as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I started my Master’s and I’m also working. Last year, I worked at the Library almost around the same amount of time as I work this year. 424 more words