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John Lafayette Girardeau on Christ as the surety of the covenant

In this covenant the principle of representation was involved as an essential element. Christ, by the appointment of the Father, and by his own spontaneous election, became the legal representative of the elect seed who were given to him to be redeemed. 324 more words


A Trinitarian Christian claims he can explain the trinity...guess what happens next?

When a Trinitarian claims he understands the trinity, test him by asking for an analogy. 😉

A trinitarian claims Muslims don't understand the trinity, but then proceeds to use an analogy for it that resembles the heresy known as "partialism".

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The Brotherhood of Reylin

The Brotherhood is a cult devoted to the worship and teachings of the God Reylin. Worshippers of Reylin value hard work, skill mastery, and purpose. 287 more words


The Order of Ynera

From her hands the Spirit was born, and gifted to Hekata. As the Spirit was passed from one hand to the next, Ynera’s Hand a loving touch, and Hekata’s arms a warm embrace.

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New Article at Credo Magazine

I have a new article that has just been published in the December 2020 issue of Credo Magazine. This issue is devoted to the doctrine of eternal generation. 210 more words


On The Other Side by Antonio Márquez Marín as Lumpi [Comp00]

IFDB page: Al Otro Lado
Final placement: 46th place (of 53) in the 2000 Interactive Fiction Competition

Here we have what has to be the most audacious game idea in the 2000 IF competition. 600 more words