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Brazilian travel enthusiasts stop in Edmonton on trip around the world

EDMONTON — They’ve already been on one around-the-world road trip, visiting 60 countries on five continents in 1,033 days, and now they’re at it again. 457 more words


How to score a $60,000 trip in exchange for a few Alaska Airlines miles

Sam Huang shares how he managed to trade in some of his Alaska Airlines frequent-flier miles for an around-the-world trip worth $60,000. Listen here for some of the… 17 more words

Matt Bubala

Leaving It All Behind

I took a few steps back and surveyed the mountain of bags, boxes and baskets that filled the driveway. “There’s no way we have this much stuff…” I muttered to myself. 1,101 more words


Day 1 of epic adventure--

BAM!  Today, October 15, 2015, we begin a 4-month odyssey from our home base here in New York City that will eventually take us throughout Southeast Asia and back again. 264 more words

New York City

Have you ever wanted to leave everything behind and travel the world?

Yeah, me too. So, that’s what I’m doing.

It’s been a long and unexpected journey to get to this point. A devout Catholic, successful military officer, turned full-time missionary, I branched out to start my own coaching business on the heels of my own marriage falling apart. 951 more words


Raw Vegan Traveling // Colombia

The second country in our Raw Vegan Traveling Series is Colombia, bordering both the Caribbean and the Pacific in South America. This lush country is known for their February Carnival in Baranquilla, their fashion capital – Bogota, also known as the city of four seasons, and their abundance of emeralds, coffee and the south end of the Andes mountains. 193 more words

Raw Vegan Traveling // Armenia

Summer months mean vacation time off for most people, and usually a trip to a new foreign land or two.

Today’s highlighted country will be Armenia, a small yet glorious bit of land wedged between Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. 250 more words