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Three Months Into My Trip Around The World

I still love it, but the fervor is gone

After three months in, my journey feels different. Even though my main stressors are deciding where to go next, where to eat, or whether to visit a local temple that seems far, it feels as though the trip has plateaued.

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One Month Into My Trip Around The World

It feels like the more I see of the world, the bigger it becomes

It is April 19th, a month since I left my home, New York, to travel the world.

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To the rescue…

My sister’s been having a clear out which ended up being great news for me.

I can’t remember how many years ago it was, but she started to do patchwork at a class which resulted in a fabulous first quilt. 484 more words


Museum Ullen Sentalu Trip

Diblogku kali ini, aku bakal ngasih info wisata khusunya yang lagi kepengen cari liburan di jogja sekalian beredukasi disana. Ada salah satu objek wisata yang mungkin kudu kalian kunjungi nih,, ngga cuma berlibur tapi juga bisa nambah pengetahuan. 406 more words


We read a lot of stories about the land crossing between Cambodia and Laos, so we knew that crossing the border at Stung Treng checkpoint cost a few extra dollars, and that custom agents (on both sides) were very serious about asking that extra bit of money to make people pass from one country to the other.

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An unforgettable trip to Sapa PART 3

Sapa, Day 3:

When we wake up that morning, we are surprised to see Sang with 3 big dark circles on her forehead. We have seen a few people wearing these marks before but forgot to ask what it was or meant. 1,464 more words

Day 1119 Its a Stunner

This trip around the world has been languishing on my long arm for

TWO Years. KING Sized!! And yes I am Still drawing and painting. All done at the inner Bean on top of sewing. 171 more words