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Raw Vegan Traveling // Colombia

The second country in our Raw Vegan Traveling Series is Colombia, bordering both the Caribbean and the Pacific in South America. This lush country is known for their February Carnival in Baranquilla, their fashion capital – Bogota, also known as the city of four seasons, and their abundance of emeralds, coffee and the south end of the Andes mountains. 193 more words

Raw Vegan Traveling // Armenia

Summer months mean vacation time off for most people, and usually a trip to a new foreign land or two.

Today’s highlighted country will be Armenia, a small yet glorious bit of land wedged between Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. 250 more words

Goodbyes make me cry // Solo Traveller

// #SunnyDee

Let me start by saying Sunny is one of the bravest women I know. Not only does she jump right into many aspects of her life (living in a new city, climbing the career ladder and her personal life choices), but as a solo traveller too. 263 more words


What Would Lauren Bacall Have Packed

Lauren Bacall once said, “I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.” Some might say that is a somewhat self-serving statement given her tremendous beauty. 961 more words

Junebug's First Quilt

I shared a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago of Junebug holding up her completed quilt top.  It was supposed to have its binding by that time, but my back had flared up earlier that week, so the binding had taken a back seat.   629 more words

Finished Projects

What I'm packing for a trip to the otherside of the world

6 weeks on the road – this is it.  It’s light, it’s efficient, it’s (hopefully) everything I need.  I looked at too many packing lists for trips around the world and likely have an item or two that only found its way there because of that list and likely is never used. 410 more words

Day 321 - I meant to be 

drawing more strips today. What did I do? Long arm quilted all day. For 7.5 hours. Good to have those done. I do free motion quilting which is mine drawing all over a quilt. 230 more words