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A Visit with Jim Beam

The original plan for this most recent stop and period of time in Kentucky was to accomplish the Bourbon Trail. For those who are not Bourbon aficionados, or have no knowledge of the Bourbon Trail, the Trail consist of a visit to the eleven Kentucky distilleries that are located in the Louisville, Elizabethtown, Lexington triangle. 1,266 more words

Musicians Hall of Fame -Nashville

While in Nashville, as part of a tour of the city, we decided to get off the trolley and go to the Musicians Hall of Fame which is housed in the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. 671 more words

A Visit to the Grand Ole Opry

I would not consider myself a fervent fan of country music. I like some of it, and am ambivalent about some of it. I am especially ambivalent about modern country music. 1,378 more words

Brazilians - They Have the Meats!

If you are a meat lover, as well as a fan of having several choices when dining out, a Brazilian steakhouse is an experience that you must try at least once. 978 more words

Adventures in the Algoma Highlands: Ranger Lake, Part 5

Hey everyone! Here is the fifth and final part of the Ranger Lake video series! As a brief recap, we took this eight day canoeing trip in August, 2016, with our friends Becky and Mia. 53 more words



Part 4 of our 2016 trip to Ranger Lake is now up! Thanks for watching, and if you’ve missed the previous parts, see the links below. 31 more words


On the bathroom

Captain’s log Earth date 1.6.2018

Okay, yesterday we picked up the car early in the morning and rose to the streets, just lit up the engine, and had a sandal on my feet. 490 more words