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Bonjour Madam et Monsieur 


Wednesday 27th April. We’re sat on Rochester pier doing jobs (me putting the new graphics on the boat and Rory supervising 😬) with the plan being we get up very early Thursday and head off, but the weather seemed so nice after consulting my 3 weather forecasts, inshore waters, and the shipping forecast I came up with plan B….lets go now. 301 more words


And we're off

Puzzler has left the Medway 👋🏼👋🏼


Waiting for the tide

So while we are waiting for the wind to drop sufficiently to cross the channel I’ll bore you with some of the systems we’ve added to Puzzler to enable us to be self sufficient. 317 more words


And sleep...

After another weeks work we made the deadline and Puzzler was launched today. It was 7 minutes of stress watching Darren’s face as the hoist creaked its way down to the yard and onto the slipway, but I’m sure the faces are just for effect! 56 more words


Bottoms Up

After a week on hardstanding I think we both wish we were back at work, we’ve never worked so hard!

Tomorrow she is being surveyed then we can antifoul and fit new anodes. 31 more words


A trip to Hell and back; Darvaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)

Door to hell, hell’s gate, gate to hell; call it what you want. It’s basically a burning hole in the middle of Karakum Desert that offers amazing bizarre view at night.  566 more words


Day 1 Adventure before dementia 

For as long as I can remember Rory has said ‘I’m retiring on my 50th birthday’. This was taken as seriously as ‘I’ll be dead before my 21st birthday’ which he often said during our teenage years, but today finds us both on day one of being “retired” and almost ready to start our travels. 102 more words