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Hi, Mom!

Just got your email, and yes, I’m still continuing my blog, but it’s only about Vancouver at the moment. I’ll be getting back on the trains soonish (though I’m honestly not looking as forward to it as when I left Halifax – the Arctic air blasting down on me from the overhead fans is making me shiver just thinking about it, especially when it goes on for hours and hours and hours and the only place to escape from it is the stinky bathroom with people banging on the door to get in). 434 more words

Mich and Mum do Memphis or The Bucket List Trip

August 11th 2016, 5 am departure, which means that Mum arrived the day before, and Mich desperately tried to go to bed at 9 pm and get at least a few hours of beauty sleep before getting on the road to travel the almost 2,400 km (one way) to FINALLY meet her King. 1,740 more words

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

Since I recently turned 31, I’ve been reflecting on the person I’ve become–what I love about myself, what I wish I’d done before now, what I can improve, why I am the way I am, etc. 1,998 more words


OK – I admit I’ve got a bit of egg on my face. Just 72 hours after swearing I’ll never do a 2-nighter on a train again, here I am doing another 2-nighter on a train.  896 more words

Memories. #memories #travel #trekamerica #USA

So this time last year, I was state side. Travelling in a minibus with a bunch of strangers (apart from Kayleigh, my friend who I went with) We went travelling with Trek America across the states and had the most amazing time. 118 more words



I told myself I’d be better about consistently writing. Well…oh well life happens.

It has been a crazy year so far. Lots of ups and downs. 842 more words


Less than a year ago, California didn’t really ring a bell to me.

Oh, I knew where it was, and all, but I had very little interest in it, for once because I only had eyes for Denmark, and second, because, well, I just had no reason to develop a growing interest in the South-Western state. 901 more words