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Trip Report - Shellalligan Trail - 14 June 2017

The scheduled Beech’s Mountain loop was postponed due to a weather forecast of showers. Instead the group of eight hikers and two dogs hiked the Shellalligan trail. 229 more words


Trip Report - Kayak Training - 6 June 2017

QIOC has endeavoured to offer a kayak rescue training session every year as part of our ongoing quest to improve paddler safety and skills. This year, we offered two sessions – one for kayak rescue and a second for edging and maneuvering. 228 more words

Quadra Island

Trip Report - Memekay Caves - 31 May 2017

Seven of us had a great trip to the Memekay Caves. We visited two caves: Chicken II and Scallop Falls. Bill, our guide from Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group, was full of stories and information. 157 more words


Trip Report - Hopespring - Homewood Loop - 24 May 2017

Ten hikers and three dogs enjoyed a three and a half hour hike on a loop of trails and routes in the Heriot Ridge area. The weather was sunny and cool with a brisk northwest wind blowing. 210 more words


Trip Report - Cortes Island - 15-18 May 2017

Day 1: Eight energetic hikers left for four hiking days on Cortes Island. On arrival at Cortes we drove to Carrington Trails. We took the main trail to the lagoon, which is an old dirt road. 822 more words


Trip Report - Ripple Rock - 10 May 2017

We met on the 9:00 ferry and drove 16 km north from Campbell River to the start of the Ripple Rock Trail. Seven of us set out – but eight came back, because we met a lone hiker on the way out who joined us for the return trip. 215 more words