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New York City Trip - Day 3

My third day in NYC started off with a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up lunch. The store was packed! I’ve never seen a grocery store so crowded where I live, but it makes sense that it would be crowded in NYC since there are so many people living there. 365 more words

What to pack to a 7 day holiday?

As the holiday season has arrived again, most of us are busy wondering what to pack for a week in the sun. The planning needs to be done prematurely, to avoid ending up with suitcase crammed up with items that are totally impractical for your choice of destination and will only make you face with unnessesary additional baggage charges. 412 more words


sunday: the real fun begins

This plain text document lying around on my laptop is what gives me energy everyday. It’s a undecorated and unformatted draft of things to come. It’s as unfinalized as they come, subjected to changes, since I still have about half a year until then. 579 more words


Let's go to Greece, shall we!?

Are you interested in a trip to Greece? I know I am!! Let’s go together! First, we gotta win… So Enter Now! You have until July 13… 71 more words


Milan, 3 favorites

A while ago I visited Milan and I’ve got some favorites while visiting the beautiful and lovely city that I’ve spent some time in when G where studying there. 490 more words

English Blogg

UNESCO - A 4th site on the World Heritage List in Mongolia!

UNESCO has announced the filing of a fourth site on the List of World Heritage!

Indeed, at its meeting of July 5th 2015, the World Heritage Committee has included the Great Burkhan Khaldun mountain and its surrounding sacred landscape in the List of the World Cultural Heritage. 278 more words


Up in the air

Can’t wait! Am travelling to my home country soon am excited and sad at the same time. I will be leaving the irish summer (which has just started getting nice enough to take a dip in the sea) for Malawi’s cold weather,so it looks like I will be having the longest cold weather season ever in life. 265 more words