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Wreck Em All 1st Phase


It’s been a while! Thankfully, this was for reasons other than laziness. I was out in New York for a bit as a treat to my mum for her birthday. 204 more words

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6 sorts of investments to make for your backpacking trip

Often when budgeting for a trip, there is a focus on the costs that will be occurred while traveling. However, when preparing for a backpacking trip, there are a number of costs that will be (should be) occurred before you start budgeting the hostels and tickets and food and ta da da da da.   1,022 more words


Orientation Week - Adventures in Shibuya

Towards the end of Orientation Week, me and a friend had decided since during the scavenger hunt we had missed Shibuya that we would go ourselves and picked out some places we were interested in seeing/visiting while we were there. 845 more words


Anniversary trip 2015

We have celebrated our 20th anniversary at special locations. Can you tell them where ?


A Keepsake

We’ve all been there before. You are going on an amazing  trip or getting close to returning home from a trip when you start thinking about souvenirs. 300 more words


Sick and tired.

We were back at school on the 5th October with just one English lesson. Surprisingly the class weren’t that bad and they actually did their work. 781 more words


A Medieval Tale: Carcassone 

Part of the fun craziness of Matt’s new job is not knowing where we’re headed next. A few weeks ago we got a calendar outlining our assignments after Toulouse, but just yesterday Matt found out things might change again. 920 more words

Toulouse France