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The Grandest of Bazaars

I’ve been to souks, I’ve been to mercats, I’ve been to night-markets, I’ve even been to floating markets along rivers…but the grand bazaar in Istanbul takes home the bacon. 396 more words


Grabbing Istanbul by the horns

(I had a rough time coming up with a title today…shut up)

My first full day in Turkey was spent wandering around the Sirkeci quarter of Istanbul – sort of the main tourist hub/old quarter of the city. 533 more words


The Advantages of Blending

Başka bir şey ister misiniz?” says the bartender.

Do whaty what whats now?” I reply.

Oh…you are not Turkish?” responds the bartender. 1,086 more words


The Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an, China

The Terracotta Warriors are fantastic to visit. This ancient army continues to stand after 2000 years in protection of Emperor Qin.

We took a tour from Xi’an. 254 more words


A rocky start to Istanbul

The room was sterile other than two small metal desks, some waiting chairs and the faint smell of body odor and cigarette smoke. The latter smell undoubtedly coming from the officer behind one of the desks. 935 more words


Figuring out Figueres

What’s amazing about Spain, and I’m sure much of Europe, is the sheer amount of intact history throughout the countryside and woven within each little township. 754 more words


YOW food reviews

I have a bit of an addiction with finding new food places in my city. Secondly, my other addiction is Trip Advisor reviews. Take a look below for my faves, and not so fave reviews! 42 more words