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There are very few things, if any, that scare me in the kitchen. As an avid eater, I’ll pretty much try anything and love diving into the rich history and culture behind all food.  1,408 more words


Definitions have changed.

Dear, could you please stop at the magical cave of edibles and purchase a headless egg lizard, a ball of crispy cellulose and some juice of beef creature?

Tripe Soup


Goat Mannish WaterSoup

Red Peas and Rice

Fried Plantain

Spring Onion/Escallion

Spring Onion/Escallion

Fresh Thyme


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 152: Last Exam for the Semester

So yesterday I sat what I hope is my last exam for the semester, and I am hoping that somehow I really luck out with it and do well enough to pass the subject for which the exam was for. 486 more words


Goat Foot and Tripe

Goat foot and tripe complementing white rice