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Give me traditional medicine please

My mother always made the yummiest concoctions (mixtures) when we were sick.
For instance, if you had a sore throat, she would say that you should mix cooking oil (or olive oil) with vinegar. 375 more words

The Postman

Callos picantes (spicy tripe)

Item: Callos picantes (spicy tripe)
Date: April 3, 2016
Location: La Bombeta, Barcelona, Spain

The third tapas in the La Bombeta series is the callos picantes, or spicy tripe. 24 more words


Skinny Girls Roadshow LIVE from Rome — Empire of Delicious

They say that it is impossible to get a bad meal in Italy. I have, in the past, found this to be more or less truth. 872 more words

On The Road


For those about to vape – we cater for you! Yes, the distinctive aromas of traditional Soddenham delicacies has been captured in juice form that can be safely inhaled via something called an e-cigarette. 119 more words


Ono Ono Liholiho

I’ve always thought Liholiho Yacht Club was a bit of a random name. Sure, it sounds Hawaiian but what does Yacht Club have to do with anything?   975 more words



I  mentioned recently that I like tripe, and that having had it in a traditional British way cooked in milk with onions and plenty of pepper, I once discovered it was a miraculous cure-all, especially for hangovers! 343 more words


At Roscioli

One of our “go-to” spots when a friend is visiting is Rocioli.  It’s always crowded, and it can get expensive — particularly when truffles are in season!   252 more words

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