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Saturday tripe

I was a very picky eater growing up. There were so many things that I wouldn’t touch then. Fish (with the rather curious exception of fish fingers and canned tuna), onions, butter, anything leafy and green. 1,147 more words


Premier Mars and Tripes à la Neuchâteloise

An annual hike on the first day of March through the canton of Neuchâtel, known as the Marche du Premier Mars, symbolizes the march taken by revolutionaries to overthrow the rule of a Prussien King and establish a democratic form of government in 1848. 659 more words


A lust for coffee cake

Below is an article I wrote for the very beautiful and very brilliant Sabor magazine.  In it I chart the role food played when I first met my boyfriend, … 1,375 more words

When in Normandy... eat as the Normans eat

If you’re in Normandy and wondering what to eat, tripes à la mode de Caen is a must-try. This Caen-style tripe casserole is one of the most unique and iconic dishes of the region, originating from the Middle Ages and passed down from grandmother to grandchild. 405 more words


100 RECIPES FOR 100 MEALS...(Matumbo)

Matumbo is Swahili for Tripe. It is part of the stomach of farm animals, in this case, it is goat tripe. We get our meat from Maasais in Kiserian, only my dad would know where exactly :) . 327 more words


SF: Liholiho Yatch Club

According to Bon Appétit San Francisco is the best food city in the country right now.  Liholiho made their top 50 nominees of best new restaurants in America this year.   237 more words