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SF: Liholiho Yatch Club

According to Bon Appétit San Francisco is the best food city in the country right now.  Liholiho made their top 50 nominees of best new restaurants in America this year.   237 more words

Irish food and a Cork “delicacy”

Tripe photo courtesy: Kent Wang – wikimedia.org

After a few days in Ireland, I can’t say I was a fan of the food. The dishes were the same bland English style. 147 more words


First impressions of Florence

I arrived to Florence on Friday eve after short flight to Bologna and a bit longer and late coach ride. Finding the flat was super easy as my airbnb is located around 8 minutes away from main train station.  451 more words

Bagel Sandwich: Egg, Goat Cheese & Shaki

Another day, another post about tripe. Sue me.

So I made a yummy bagel sandwich this morning, and it turned out so well I just had to share. 267 more words


My Big Fat Award

Hi;  I’m not here, not to thank WordPress, for an award I didn’t receive, for not being here for three years now!  Yay…  I’d also not like to thank the 40 million people on WordPress that don’t know I’m not here, nor could they give a rat’s ass, which neither do I.  172 more words

Current Events

Word of the Month: à la mode


I am going to be 100% honest and let everyone know that I thought “à la mode” was a fancy term for “something is served”. 410 more words

The Mermaid Chef


While tripe seems like an unconventional choice compared to more common diet staples like chicken breast, drumsticks, wings, steak etc…  it’s worth adding to your diet. 153 more words