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The Christian Worldview (1): Introduction

When we speak of the Christian Worldview, we refer to the ideal worldview—the true worldview, against which each of our individual worldviews is compared. As Christians, each of us has… 671 more words


Christian Worldview Apologetics: an overview 

I’m hesitant to write on apologetics. A common critique of the apologetics I practice is that we spend all our time discussing and debating apologetical methodology instead of actually going out there and doing apologetics. 2,156 more words


I'm "Very" Christian, But...

A pervasive part of the post-modern society is personal definitions and self-identification. I’ve heard lots of people, mostly from my generation, say they’re Christians and then espouse a series of beliefs that completely contradict the basic tenets of the Christian faith. 1,285 more words


Why I Believe In God 

Why do I believe in God? That’s a good question and it’s been raised again and again throughout my life. It wasn’t until college that I finally started thinking through a reasoned answer to why I believe. 11,483 more words