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John Frame Quote Describing God's Presence in light of God's Control and authority

How should we understand the concept of God’s presence? Isn’t there a dilemma of God bring non-physical and yet is described as all present?
John Frame has a good paragraph: 183 more words


Framing Systematic Theology part 2: A three sided frame.

My previous post introduced some highlights from the recently published systematic theology by John Frame. Moving on from his introduction, he caps off a helpful summary of his thinking by emphasising the following attributes of God’s Lordship as being a central feature of his overarching theological framework (puns intended). 523 more words


Review: The Doctrine of the Christian Life (A Theology of Lordship) by John Frame

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A massive volume on the important subject of Christian ethics by one of the most sophisticated Biblicist today.  958 more words


Considering a Book Contract

The last few weeks have been really busy for me; both in ministry and at home. In the midst of that I received a contract offer from a publisher. 703 more words

Considering The Doctrine of the Christian Life, Part 3

John Frame has, I think, done the Church a great service in writing The Doctrine of the Christian Life. It is the material from his course on Christian Ethics. 697 more words

Considering the Doctrine of the Christian Life- Part 1

I am approximately 50% of the way through John Frame’s mammoth The Doctrine of the Christian Life as part of his Theology of Lordship series. I thought I ought to handle this book in light the larger sections John Frame creates in the book. 723 more words

King(dom) Coming Pt 3: Talented sloths and Creative servants

Looking through Matthew in a section recommended from a holy week study I came across the parable of the Talents. This passage caused me a little uneasiness. 348 more words