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The B Series: An Outsider Looking In

Since the beginning of my professional career, I’ve always been fascinated by two things: writing and furthering purposeful impact.

I’m particularly interested in the ways for-profits scale and sustain themselves and I truly believe that capitalism has its advantages. 682 more words

Corporate Good

Toxic Party In The Cursed Earth: Learning To Walk The Line

You can try to make it as festive as you want…a scorched wasteland can only be so fun.

Walking a burning tightrope made of razor wire while suspended over a pool of ravenous piranha set on top of a pressure sensitive keg of dynamite…sounds pretty difficult huh? 1,612 more words

Environmental Sustainability

How do we sense this? Hidden expression of power

How do we sense this? Hidden expression of power 

A while back I got a call from a good friend of mine. We talked about the things we would like to achieve next – our life goals. 279 more words

Self Improvement

A Climate Change of Mind?

Who is caring now about climate change? About rising sea levels? Hmmmm. Let me think!

While more than 20 countries, according to the World Economic Forum, watch water levels creep ever so steadily into their way of life and, for some Pacific Island nations, their possible extinction, their cries for attention are largely ignored. 504 more words

Sustainability Accounting

In my previous blog post, I described the history of sustainability accounting as a “fairly engaging tale (that) begins in northern Vermont on a Ben & Jerry’s dairy farm, segues over to the Alaskan shoreline on the doomed Exxon Valdez oil tanker, and then ends in the present with characters as diverse and colorful as former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and Charles, the Prince of Wales in Great Britain.” 613 more words

Accounting Standards

Is CSR A Win-Win Proposition?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became somewhat of a ‘must-have’ some years ago when the idea of the ‘triple bottom line’ (concern for people, planet and profits, preferably in that order)came into vogue. 372 more words




Bisnis dan aktivitas ekonomi dari sebuah entitas pada umumnya bertujuan untuk memperoleh keuntungan dan menginginkan pertumbuhan ekonomi untuk meningkatkan nilai entitasnya.  Seringkali, dengan menjadikan keuntungan dan pertumbuhan sebagai tujuan menjadikan entitas ekonomi akan menghalalkan segala cara seperti mengeksploitasi tenaga kerja dan mengabaikan kelestarian lingkungan di sekitarnya bahkan mengorbankan konsumen sebagai sumber pendapatannya. 5,588 more words