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4 Reasons Why Our Planet Desperately Needs Women Leaders

It’s International Women’s Day, and a perfect time to declare women as the solution to our planet’s woes!

When I wake up in the morning, I am driven by one thing, and one thing only. 1,466 more words


Why We Bought a Cabin Instead of a Car

Americans keep their cars for 6.5 years, on average. This is up from just 4.3 years, the average in 2006, so that is encouraging. But still, just 12.9% of Americans keep their vehicles for a decade or longer. 1,042 more words


28th of February 2018 - Istanbul, Turkey 09:33

After every rejection, comes a self-evaluation.

Yesterday I wrote about how the finance department of the energy company I interviewed with was lacking a vision. But, I also skipped a couple of parts. 815 more words


3 CR&S issues for SMEs to address in 2018: U.K

As this new year begins, businesses across the U.K are re-engaging with their respective Sustainability challenges.  Manoeuvring a business in this climate is becoming particularly difficult when considering recent technological advances, international trends and political uncertainty.  1,431 more words


The #1 Nutritional Trend for 2018: Mindfulness

The number one trend in the food category for 2018? Not ghee, bulgogi dumplings, or changa mushrooms: it’s mindfulness. And no, that doesn’t refer to thinking about what you’re going to snack on after work. 713 more words


The smallest decisions create an energy for change

The Random Tea Room Story

Interview with Rebecca Goldschmidt, Owner

Written by Lexus Woznicki

It’s about 32 degrees on an early January morning, and you and a friend hustle into a local tea shop for some much-needed hot sips. 1,533 more words

The New Table Stakes of Business

Back when I was doing my Masters, some of my classmates and I had the privilege of taking part in the Hult Prize competition. Looking back, it was an incredibly eye-opening opportunity to realize how critical social entrepreneurship is for the future. 1,065 more words