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A.T.E.'s 3BL initiative for sustainability

The term ‘sustainable development’ was first used in the 1970s. Constitutions were amended across the globe, policies were introduced for environmental protection (India being among the first few to do so). 443 more words


Here is something you did not know about orchestra conductors

Here is something you did not know about orchestra conductors

When I was young(er) I really did not get the point what an orchestra conductor’s job really was supposed to be. 384 more words


Karan Gas Program: A Look at the Social, Environmental, and Financial Benefits of Offshore Drilling


Oil is big business. Anyone who watches the news understands the importance of oil to the world?s economy. The oil industry some say makes the world go round. 2,907 more words

Project Management

Technical but vital... B-BBEE, CSI and other acronyms

For the first time a report has been put together on the influence of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) on Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

Report Abstract:

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The Super Trawler... Why all the fuss?

In 2012, a massive Super Trawler arrived in Australia.  This ship was intended for fishing for small pelagic fish species (i.e. jack mackerel and redbait).  The ship, was 142 meters (465 feet) long, and capable of towing a net 200 meters (656 feet) wide.  1,126 more words

Matters Of Perception

Tourism: The Negative Impacts of Travel and the Future of the Service Industry

From climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower and overlooking the city of Paris to walking through the amphitheater of Rome’s Colosseum, the world’s various historical landmarks and architectural masterpieces provide society with a great amount of places to explore. 339 more words

White Paper

Panera: Ingredients for Success

On a recent business trip, I stopped by a Panera Bread location in New England on a weeknight just a few minutes before closing.  I had a minor concern that I might not be able to place an order due to the time, fueled by the fact that two employees with clipboards seemed to be taking an inventory of all of the remaining food items on the shelves.  752 more words

Food Waste