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Introducing: United by Blue

Industry: Clothing/Accessories

Certifications: Certified B Corps (110)

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 2010, United By Blue (UBB) has come onto the scene as a leader in environmentally responsible business. 524 more words


Our 2016 Year in Review—and #2000BCorps! – Medium

***The Future of Business In A Complex World, The B Corp***

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          This post is a continuation of my series on transforming economies to meet the needs of people. 200 more words

Introducing: Sustain Condoms

Whether you plan on ringing in the New Year with a simple kiss or something a little more intimate, it’s always important to be prepared. Make Little Dicky proud and buy a condom brand that is both healthy and safe! 637 more words


Introducing: Sword & Plough

Industry: Clothing/Accessories

Cost Comparison: Slightly more expensive than competitors

Certifications: N/A 

Location: Denver, CO

To turn swords into plough shares…

Sword & Plough originates from the saying, “To turn swords into plough shares.” which is to take military technologies and materials and apply them to peaceful civilian applications. 379 more words


Triple Bottom Line - Purposeful Blogging for Purposeful Business

In light of our new president elect I feel the need to reach out to my circle on an issue I am passionate about. The environment, our Earth, our only Earth. 645 more words


The B Series: An Outsider Looking In

Since the beginning of my professional career, I’ve always been fascinated by two things: writing and furthering purposeful impact.

I’m particularly interested in the ways for-profits scale and sustain themselves and I truly believe that capitalism has its advantages. 682 more words

Corporate Good

Toxic Party In The Cursed Earth: Learning To Walk The Line

You can try to make it as festive as you want…a scorched wasteland can only be so fun.

Walking a burning tightrope made of razor wire while suspended over a pool of ravenous piranha set on top of a pressure sensitive keg of dynamite…sounds pretty difficult huh? 1,612 more words

Environmental Sustainability