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John Elkington: Triple Bottom Line

The need for sustainability and for corporations to take their responsibilities to society is a commonplace now. It was not always thus. And one man has played a big part in that transformation: John Elkington. 580 more words

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B the change

On Weds 23rd I attended a netwalking event with SustainAbility and B Lab. Yes that’s B lab, not B Corp. Companies can register to become B Corps through B Lab, a not for profit organisation. 427 more words

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Sustainability [suh-stey-nuh-bil-i-tee]*: noun

In my research as an undergraduate student, my team used an analytical tool known as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). With this comprehensive method of analyzing industry, one can determine which practices have the most total benefit to society, the environment, and the economy in terms much more encompassing than profit. 392 more words


Corporate Social Responsibility not an Expense but an Investment

The changing dynamics of business environment, ever growing concern on ethical practices and transparency is creating a new world order amongst business communities. The new age mantra is to be in unison with environment, community and business that you engage with on a day to day basis. 203 more words

Social Good

Mozambikes - changing lives in Africa one bicycle at a time!

I am very pleased to feature Mozambikes here on the blog. A company I have seen grow from strength to strength since its early days when I still called Maputo home. 1,734 more words


Conference on Triple-Bottom-Line Performance

The key to the success of an organisation lies not simply in its ability to enhance its financial health, but also in its ability to identify areas that obstruct sustainability and work towards improving them. 484 more words

5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization

5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization 

Well over a decade ago we became victim of a white collar crime. Our then CFO was ultimately convicted of stealing money from our organization. 449 more words

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