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Maersk Triple E-class uses Trelleborg’s Orkot bearings

Synthetic composite bearing materials provide wear resistance

Orkot Marine Bearings, developed and manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, contribute to the build of the world’s largest and most efficient container ships, the Maersk Triple E class family built by Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding. 242 more words

The truth about the EEE virus

By Andrew Nalewski

The world is full of triple-lettered anagrams. Some help you with your car, some are downright evil, and others – like this one – can cause crippling brain damage if contracted, though concern about EEE is not as great as one might think. 505 more words


How much bigger can container ships get?

By William Kremer, BBC World Service

The world’s cargo ships are getting big, really big. No surprise, perhaps, given the volume of goods produced in Asia and consumed in Europe and the US. 1,280 more words

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Economies of Scale in Shipping: Does Bigger Mean Better?

Like many other industries, container shipping benefits from economies of scale. The lower operating costs per TEU can be achieved by simply utilising larger vessels. 611 more words


Watch the Largest Ship in the World Get Built in 76 Seconds

Maersk Line is one of the largest container ships in the world.

How do those giant metal boxes move around the world? With giant shipping carriers, of course. 72 more words