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Arno Faraji Is Generally Just Doing The Most Right Now

18-years-old and supporting just about every incoming international Hip-Hop act on their Australian tours, as well as appearing on our favourite festival bills, that seems to summarise  151 more words

Off The Clef

Ode To The Australian Home Grown's

Hello friends!

So, resisting the temptation to share my own music, because I am an Australian ‘home grown’, was a thing I had to endure when I sat down to write this post. 1,091 more words



“I think part of me always knew that I was going to be a performer – I was lucky enough to begin performing at a very young age, and became addicted to it pretty much instantly!” 899 more words


“I got into music at a really young age, like I started taking professional lessons from the age of about eight. It’s been ingrained in me for a really long time I guess.” 1,117 more words

Introducing Royal East: An Indie Rock Band Making Regal Tunes....

I never thought I’d admit to having a ‘fangirl moment’ on twitter. But blimey, if I’d never had the textbook 140 character fangirl over a band, I never would have stumbled across  999 more words

Six Little Strings

Kult Kyss - I Am The One

Kult Kyss successfully differentiate themselves in a genre that is literally flooded with talent right now. The electronic music duo, hailing from Melbourne, are giving away  43 more words