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April Beauty Purchases 

Now that April has come and gone, May will hopefully be more calm and I can get back to blogging more frequently. But never fear, I still managed to haul some beauty products as usual.   707 more words

Mixing with Dr Pepper

Sometimes you’ve got all the time in the world to craft an exquisite, labor-intensive, delightful cocktail for yourself. Sometimes you need to be able to rapidly create deliciousness from a minimum set of ingredients that are easy to transport and remember. 1,090 more words



A College Student’s Guide to a Long Island Iced Tea:

Day drinking in Boulder, Colorado always filters students west towards “the hill” in attempt to find great deals and patios to meet their desires. 449 more words

The Lauren Bacall Wine Cocktail – Sparkling Rose & Grapefruit

This cocktail is a play on three classics with its own distinctive twist. One classic is obviously Lauren Bacall herself – the sultry actress of the Golden Ages of motion pictures. 350 more words

When all else fails, make cherry margaritas!

At times, I will have a beer at night if I have had a migraine during the day. It just levels off the stress and pain, and makes the shoulders go down a bit. 176 more words


Margarita Chat

Please participate in the comments! What makes a good margarita? What and where is the best margarita you’ve ever had?

Call For Input

What is Triple Sec?

When you read cocktail books or look up recipes online, there are always plenty of exotic sounding drinks that make one or two cocktails that you wonder what they are.  390 more words