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Between the Sheets

This recipe has popped up a few times among the brandy ranks. The preparation is quick and easy, but I was dubious of the triple-threat of brandy, white rum and triple sec.  89 more words


Bitter Tart

Seville oranges have a very short season from December to mid-February.  With a little creativity, you can however preserve their flavour in sherbets, cordials and syrups. 240 more words


Triple Yes

So while drinking my morning tea, I’ve been contemplating making another type of tea entirely for my sundowner. Cointreau have kindly created a whole booklet of cocktail recipes (visit their site for other recipes) and this one stood out for me. 238 more words

Adult Fruit Slushy

So, here’s the thing about March:  It gets your hopes up only to completely crush them 2 days later.  Take this week, for example.  On Sunday, you enjoy a glorious, warm, sunny day outside. 278 more words



The Sidecar inspired another field trip to the liquor store, and resulted in another lesson in multilingual imbibement. Sherry (jerez/xérèz) tends to be lighter in color. 224 more words



Gotta love Alex Guarnaschelli — the Food Network (Chopped!) and Cooking Channel (Alex’s Day Off) regular not only finds time to still be the Executive Chef of Butter in NYC,  she also shares some solid cocktail guidelines now and then. 79 more words

Fuzzy Navel Jam

Last year the peaches were just amazing, big juicy and so sweet!  I tried four different recipes, one with sirracha, one with raspberries, one with bourbon and one with spiced rum.   329 more words

Preserving The Kitchen