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Margarita-Themed Treats

Great news: You can drink your margaritas and eat them too! Get your Tequila and Triple Sec fix without the headache and/or embarrassment the next morning. 739 more words

Decadent Desserts

Apple and Cinnamon Margarita

‘High Hopes’.


2 parts @sesiontequila  Blanco.

1 part triple sec.

1 part apple & cinnamon syrup (see recipe below).

4 parts sparking apple @mineralspringsco . 78 more words


Two Wolves Cantina Sydney

The good folks at @twowolvescantina in Sydney Australia have sent through this fabulous Margarita Recipe:.

45 ml @eljimadortequila .

15ml triple sec.

15ml agave syrup. 44 more words


Pomegranate Cucumber Margarita 

This is an antioxidant taste explosion!


60mls @901tequila Blanco Tequila.

30mls triple sec.

90mls @bickfords pomegranate juice.

1/2 cucumber seeded and peeled.

Dash of lime. 60 more words


Tropical Tequila Slammer

What’s better than drinking tequila? Drinking tequila out of a real pineapple. Your typical tequila drink gets a twist with pineapple juice, lemon lime soda, and a healthy dose of Triple Sec. 514 more words

Chilli Maryrita

Chilli Maryrita with tequila, triple sec and Chilli togarashi bought to you by @travelfoodcool  (via Instagram)

This beauty was enjoyed at www.fourseasons.com/jimbaranbay

There is also a ‘wild one’ cocktail too with bourbon, orange liqueur and Mango.


Guava Margarita Spritzer


3 parts @sesiontequila Blanco.

2 parts triplesec.

3 parts freshly squeezed lime juice.

3 parts @bundabergdrinks Guava Sparkling Drink.

Result: The lime balances the sweetness of the Guava quite well. 12 more words