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Blood Orange Margarita Shots

Summer in the city can be brutal. August has brought with it a stifling heat wave that has lasted for weeks driving everyone, myself included, out of Brooklyn and onto the beach.  72 more words



Like the Pink Passion, a Kamikaze can either be a shooter or a cocktail but this is based on the shooter. The drink itself isn’t a vivd coloured drink but i’ve used inspo from the lime that is used as the topping (yeah still using that until someone tells me another word). 108 more words

Miami Vice

A Miami Vice is so yummy! Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri in a glass together but not mixed together, delicately pored out individually so the colours look amazing. 152 more words


Have you ever heard of this cocktail? I guess it’s a yes. It’s one of the most popular summer drinks world wide especially in north america and shows no sign of slowing down. 79 more words

National Jell-O Week

This food appreciation holiday sneaks up on me every year…. and yes, this is a real thing. A week that apparently also celebrates pizza and frankfurters with sauerkraut. 69 more words


Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Serve up something unique at your New Year’s Eve party this year, a gelatin twist on the classic celebratory beverage! This beautiful and bubbly gelatin punch is made with champagne, orange liqueur, pomegranate juice and has mandarin orange slices suspended throughout. 37 more words