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What’s up, Chuck!?

Another triple parenting adventure to share with you all. Who doesn’t love to read about upchuck!?

Everyone on a moveable toy!

This past week we’ve been cruising on getting good, uninterrupted sleep at night. 524 more words


May 16, 2019 - It's Been a Good Time Together...

It’s been a good time together
Lookin’ for the warmth of the sun
Gonna be a long time together
And the best is yet to come… 410 more words

Triplet Blog

School Time

Sorry about the delay between posts – things have been extremely busy as of late on multiple fronts (no pun intended).

The kids were entered into the lottery system for Montessori schoolS, but we never heard back, which means that none of their names came up based on the selection criteria. 554 more words


Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Moms. There are so many different types. Any type of woman figure in your life could be considered a Mom. I am beyond fortunate to have an amazing mom and mother-in-law that mean the world to me. 332 more words


Triplets Loading

Since finding out the genders of our triplets, two months ago, I have had at least one scan every two weeks. So I’ve seen all three babies bounce around my womb, a lot! 1,681 more words

Three Peas In A Pod

Mother’s Day #2!

My first Mother’s Day was wonderful, but very vague in my memory now (we were a bit tired last May lol). We left the girls for the first time last year to go get pedicures together for an hour. 258 more words


Interaction Update!

The past two weeks or so have been very exciting! The girls are all figuring out their legs, balance, and coordination. It is crazy to see how fast they learn it, especially when you consider they were just learning to crawl a little over two months ago and earlier this year Harper wouldn’t even roll, let alone move crawl or walk! 514 more words