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EU on clashes in Tripoli

Once again, violent clashes have erupted in Tripoli, while indiscriminate violence against citizens continues to affect a number of areas across Libya. (PHOTO: illustration)

“Violence will not resolve any of Libya’s political challenges. 212 more words


Islamic Sanctuaries in 17th-century Tripolitania

Islamic Sanctuaries in 17th-century Tripolitania is the translation of a work by the Libyan religious scholar ‘Abd as-Salām al-‘Ālam al-Tajouri.* It gives details about the many shrines and mosques in Tripolitania (western Libya), as they were known in the 17th-century. 127 more words


74 bodies of migrants wash ashore in Libya

CAIRO – Scores of bodies of African migrants washed ashore in Libya, in the western city of Zawiya on the Mediterranean Sea, a spokesman for the Libyan Red Crescent said on Tuesday. 410 more words


Today in American history: the burning of the USS Philadelphia (1804)

Stephen Decatur (d. 1820) is one of the US Navy’s first famous figures, right up alongside Revolutionary War captain John Paul Jones, and among the first famous American military figures in g… 11 more words


The Top 10 Things You Should Know About The Barbary Wars

So, America built six frigates, but those weren’t the only warships in the fledging navy. The Barbary Wars tend to be forgotten conflicts in overview studies of U.S. 1,214 more words

Napoleonic Era

Libya rescues 120 migrants off Tripoli coast -- more than 1,750 migrants had been rescued in the Mediterranean within 24 hours -- "Until the conditions in Africa improve, people will continue to choose to migrate"


Libyan coastguards help migrants who were rescued at sea off the coast of Tripoli, on February 5, 2017. AFP photo

TRIPOLI (AFP) – More than 120 migrants including women and children were rescued by Libyan coastguards Sunday off the coast of Tripoli after their boat ran into trouble. 675 more words

Ruins of the roman theatre of Sabratha in nortwestern Libya

Ruins of the roman theatre of Sabratha in nortwestern Libya