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The Island

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The salty sea slaps against the beach, seeming so endless as wave after wave crashes onto a sandy shore and explore a land carved into the palm trees. 754 more words

Roberto Costantini - Alle Radici del male #Roberto Costantini

Il secondo capitolo della saga del commissario Balistreri mi è piaciuto anche pìù del primo, anche se non mancano i “ma”. Lettura scorrevole e storia che ti tiene inchiodato, di quelle che il libro te lo porti anche in bagno per non perdere un secondo di tempo per poterlo leggere, e qui Costantini vince davvero a mani basse. 162 more words


The Living Museum

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The shops’ goods pave the broken road, soothing the wavy maze of the old souk. Covered in blemishes, riddled with secret treasures, the shadows live in contrast to the midday sun. 928 more words

Three's a crowd

Speaking of Libya, it looks like a country that desperately needs to subtract a national government has added one instead:

But late on Friday the head of the former Tripoli-based Government of National Salvation, Khalifa Ghweil, proclaimed its reinstatement from the offices of a key consultative body of the GNA.

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Post-traumatic Art

I’ve been gone, absent, empty, for weeks. I finally have something to post but not many words. :-) I know there’s a celebration somewhere!

This week’s late Diva Challenge #286 is to use only straight lines. 55 more words


On the Road in Greece: 2016 KEM Bags

I saw the latest “Bags & Accessories Collection: spring, summer 2016” catalogue. Seeing the bags modeled by a young woman was impressive. I selected “Roman Leather” in scarlet for 190 e. 142 more words

US Aid to Israel Aids Who and Toward What End?

September 22, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Recently, the United States just renewed military aid to Israel in a decade-long, $38 billion deal – the largest of its kind in American history. 1,039 more words