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On the Tail in Greece: Tripoli Farmer’s Market

“Wednesday & Sunday is the Farmer’s Market,” told me residents of Tripoli, in Arcadia. Regional loyalty is strong. “We are Arcadians, where the Greek nation began and spread out.” Being with the Greeks of the provinces restored my faith that Hellenism will survive. 636 more words


Tripolitanian traditional song 1960-2010

Another PhD thesis by a Libyan student has come to our attention, this time in the field of musicology. It can be accessed online at the following link. 98 more words


From Bikini To Burkini, Or Why Lebanon's Tripoli Is Awesome

A picture of two veiled burkini-clad women, and another bikini-wearing on one of Tripoli’s popular beach islands is going viral today across Lebanon’s internet-sphere. The last time this many people were interested in the city was to berate it for the way it voted in an election, but that election is now long past and so has those people’s attention from this great city up North. 1,317 more words


On the Trail in Greece: Mountain Honey of the Peloponnese

Orange Blossom Honey

“Discover the Peloponnese” is the 2016 Greece tourism slogan. My answer? Discover the honey of the Peloponnese.  Greece’s honey has a taste exceptional from American products. 476 more words

76 Hours in Tripoli

For all my aggressively pro-Benghazi sentiment, there’s a special place in my heart for Libya’s capital city. Large, loud, bustling, with excellent coffee that almost makes up for the traffic congestion, the indifferent enormity and beauty of Tripoli is like a haughty love interest. 961 more words


Graphic content: Bodies of African migrants who died when boats sank wash ashore in Tripoli, Libya

The bodies of African migrants who drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean were found washed up on a beach in Maya town, some 28 km west of Tripoli, Libya.  59 more words

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