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On the Trail in Greece: Kapsia Cave, Arcadia

“You must take a short ride from Tripoli and see the Kapsia Cave,” said a friend. Taxi cab drivers are a tourist outlet for those who will not drive the mountain roads. 541 more words

Libya: Mahdi al-Barghathi Is the Man to Watch

The international media has, at most, the attention span for two stories about Libya: (a) the battle against the Islamic State there, and (b) the existence of different would-be governments and rival militias. 1,297 more words


Three Men Raped A 16 Year Old Girl From Tripoli... But They Won't Go To Jail

Welcome to the land of where the value of women is contingent upon the flap of skin resting at the precipice of their vagina, where their rights are fluctuating based on the mood of the men that enable them and where our girls are taught, from the moment they open their eyes, that them being the second sex does not invoke otherness but rather rank. 611 more words


على شو بدنا نلحّق!!

“الوالد يسقط حقّ ابنته المغتصبة أمام القضاء!! ” أليس هذا بإغتصاب جديد!؟


Bilad Al Machrek Al Arabi

Hunting The World's Most Wanted People Smuggler

Ermias Ghermay is a wanted man. Last year alone his gang is said to have made $10 million trafficking people to Europe. Alex Crawford reports from Libya. 767 more words


Protest against rape and rape culture in Beirut, Lebanon.

The 12th July 2016, a group gathered in front of the justice palace in Beirut to protest rape and rape culture in Lebanon. The protest was triggered by a rape case in the northern town Tripoli, Sunday, 3 boys alledegly raped a 16 years-old girl, the 3 suspects, are Khaled M. 336 more words