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On the Road in Greece: 2016 KEM Bags

A bright purple and bright orange leather bags was my dream wish. These  bags are seen in the fashion magazines. The KEM store  at Tripolis, Greece had an unbelievable selection you can not find in our New York City stores. 54 more words

US Aid to Israel Aids Who and Toward What End?

September 22, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Recently, the United States just renewed military aid to Israel in a decade-long, $38 billion deal – the largest of its kind in American history. 1,039 more words



The flight of hope is landing to Burkina Faso. And Alima is very happy to find back her family. Gone in adventure for the Libyan petro-dollars, she was very far to imagine the chores and hard time that she’ll go through. 215 more words


The Ghost of Tripoli

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As twilight softly kisses the horizon, a sturdy breeze plays mischievously in this derelict beauty only a short distance from the center of Tripoli, to the south of the city, bordering enormous, intense apartments blocs. 705 more words

Well, it's not raining everywhere

Syria and Ukraine might be enjoying new, if probably temporary, ceasefires, but as for Libya…

Libyan forces loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar said on Monday they had tightened their control over four major oil ports, casting a Western-backed project to unite Libya and revive oil exports into deep uncertainty.

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What Is It Good For?

#AnaTarablos: The Triumphant Video That'll Make You Love Tripoli

If there’s anything that this blog has gotten people to think about me, it’s that I’m one of the staunchest advocates for Tripoli, one of my favorite Lebanese cities, and the capital of my mouhafazat. 924 more words


Tripoli - Halloween Style

In the last 2 weeks, all of my time has been sucked up with house guests, football games, dealing with a car that left me stranded – twice, driving Alexa hither and yon, replacing said car, scheduling trips to IWU for Alexa’s concerts, dealing with some bad news, and missing Alexa. 99 more words