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The Six Day War: 2 (Libya!)

the bbc presents a view of the six day war “from both sides” without mentioning any military action or threat by the arab states, and without any israeli input at all: 223 more words

LIBERATION is just "around the CORNER"

It was to change the date displayed ring with the fighter ‘Abdul Majid Osman’
20:00 pm this day, the Mass channel (JAMAHIRIYA CHANNEL)

 Mu’ammar al Qathafi…

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The Liberation of Tripoli is close at Hand

Historical picture

of the officers al-Ouhdwin Liberal Itusthm Colonel Muammar al-Qmavi Voadat after the completion of the evacuation of the foreign bases in 1970; 2,945 more words


The LIBERATION is still Going Forward


السفير الليبي
Ambassador Walibi pro RAT Brotherhood ‘National Congress’, was expelled from Russia.
Salute to Russians!
(“The quake compassionate”)

“Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West” 3,089 more words


Tripoli Forces Hit Islamic State In Libya With Airstrikes

Armed forces, representing the self-declared government in control of the Libyan capital Tripoli, have launched airstrikes against Islamic State militants in the city of Sirte. 336 more words


Zuhra Bizan for the Global Teacher Award

جائزة أفضل معلم في العالم هي جائزة سنوية بقيمة مليون دولار أمريكي من مؤسسة فاركي جيمس، وتُمنح لمعلم متميز بإنجازاته. وسوف تُمنح هذه الجائزة لمعلم مبتكر لمرة واحدة في العمر نظير اهتمامه بالطلاب وتأثيره الملهم على الطلاب والمجتمع