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Mr Fix-It takes charge of our wedding anniversary...and nailed it.

It’s been a big couple of months.

First Mr Fix-It went and turned the big 4-0. I wasn’t ready, I’m still not ready, I’ll never be ready to be married to a forty-year old. 875 more words

Trippin' Tuesday

Getting back to nature - relaxing the 'natural' way

Since our trip last weekend I’m finding that camping is growing on me.

I’ve always liked it, but never really hankered after going. Now I’m hankering. 172 more words

A bushy tale of snakes, cute calves and accidental vodka overdoses.

Every year, two of my city slicker friends join me on a pilgrimage to Bush Babe of Oz territory.

Every year this, not so little, journey to the bush brings some new experiences. 723 more words

Trippin' Tuesday

A snowy adventure - when things went a little wrong

The last you saw of our snowy adventure Master Sporty and I had just booked some beginners lessons. Well here is how the rest of our trip panned out. 1,559 more words

A snowy adventure - it begins

Those of you following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter would surely know by now that the Oopsiemumma household has just returned home from a very snowy adventure. 712 more words

Favourite Photo Friday - Wishing I was here

Mr Fix-It and I have been to Fiji together four times, Mr Fix-It once before that, and we’ve taken the kids twice. We LOVE Fiji, the people, the atmosphere, it’s divine! 44 more words

Trippin' Tuesday

Fire, raging rivers & dog wee - we went camping

Last weekend we threw caution to the wind and, despite the fact it hammered down with rain all week, we took our chances and headed off camping on Saturday morning. 635 more words