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Won't let anyone dirty get through.

I have routines and rhythms that have become second nature to my day. Except a week and a half ago I tripped through my life a little, and I’m still trying to regain my balance. 125 more words

The Weekly Soccer Referee Blog - Volume 10 Issue 16 - Clipped!

The Weekly Soccer Referee Blog

Sharpening Referee Knowledge and Judgment, One Week at a Time

Volume 10, Issue 16, May 6, 2018

Forward this to a Fellow Soccer Ref! 1,044 more words

Soccer Referee

Here's What It Feels Like To Get Beaten Up While You're Tripping On LSD

It was a day late in May so egregiously bright and wonderful, I felt like a fluffy Persian kitten who’d trained the universe to rub my furry belly. 762 more words

Take The Trip, Man

    “I mean what’s really the point in anything?” Brandon gasped while he tossed the empty Mexican salt shaker on the counter. Brandon is about twenty or so years old and just recently took residence down the hall from my unit. 1,402 more words

The Advocation for Road Trips

The Advocation for Road Trips

Road Tripping. I love road trips because of the joy and freedom that they present. They afford you an opportunity to travel at your leisure to your desired destination. 558 more words


A Mind's Stride Towards Soul

I remember an evening, not long ago, where I felt like everything was just as it was supposed to be. The gang had just come off of a collective voyage into hyperspace and had settled for the night. 496 more words