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Yesterday I experienced my first solo trip via psilocybin aka the Magic Mushroom. I had no expectations and was accepting of everything I would endure. Weeks prior I had purchased an 1/8th of mushroom which is really about 5 or 6 stems. 418 more words


The Lost Conscious

I was at my friends flat in Koramangala. I always smoked alone. This was an exception. He said he had got the best stuff and wanted to share it with me. 602 more words


Waiting was like a newly sharpened pencil
I ran over paper in loops, and the tip
snapped every time he called, I
found myself waiting each time… 81 more words



Lying on the border of Kerala and Karnataka, is Paithalmala, one of the highest peaks in the southern state. It is located in the Kannur district, almost 40km from Talipramba. 924 more words


A Tribute to You, Summer

Summer… driving through Lancaster County roads with windows down, hair blowing, and music turned way up; Children giggling, and happily climbing all over you, making you sore for the days ahead; Long distance road trips where the cramped space and kids all talking at once makes one nearly lose its sanity; Stuck in a mud puddle in the middle of nowhere for hours (because those dirt roads out west…); Baby snuggles and the newness of that precious life that somehow has the ability to make one melt into a puddle; connecting with old friends and making new ones; and all those iced coffee’s and frappes… yes please! 245 more words


Mistakes I Made During Ayahuasca Ceremonies So You Don’t Have To: Part 3

I’ve gotten annoyed at the lack of visions

Many people report that they don’t get visions, and therefore denounce the medicine or get frustrated. I did. 294 more words


The Break-Up Journal: Tripping on Prozac

September 18—I’m not sure I’m digging this drug. Every night I have weird sensations and I bite the inside of my mouth. It’s not a very happy, peaceful sensation either. 472 more words