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Garden Glow Theme Park 

Another one of a kind must see attraction for families and friends, that lights up at night. Dubai Garden Glow located at Zabeel Park, the world’s unique theme park. 261 more words


Are we aliens dreaming about how being human is like..

Sometimes my brain tries to convince me that we are all dreaming out in another galaxy  and life is just the dream,
when we die thats when we wake up and living on earth was just a dream so now you gotta tell everyone there how the dream was and experiences.

someone that feels xxx

"We're all Going to Abu Dhabi"*

* must sing song as ‘Funky Pumpkin’ theme.

After an amazing night out under the stars, nestled between sand dunes while being fed and entertained, I find myself up early…those sleeping patterns are a tad muddled. 798 more words

Funny Falls

As much as we could try to deny it everyone loves watching people trip or fall over. The success of shows like “You’ve Been Framed” depend on this, what could be perceived as, cruel sense of humour, but is it really a cruel sense of humour? 451 more words

Student Life


More Than Just A Campaign
I don’t remember when or where I first found the #findyourpark tag, but the first picture I posted on Instagram with it was in July 2015–in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park–the most visited National Park. 317 more words