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It’s that time of year. The toes come out.

I saw a picture of my sister from a restaurant review in another state. It was a candid newspaper photo, she was a friend of the owner and a fan of the eatery. 230 more words


An interview

Today’s comic is co-authored by Google’s DeepDreaman A.I. neural network.

Also, last week’s comic now has a bonus panel. Click on the image below



When we stumble and do something stupid, let us not beat ourselves up. Let us just get up, brush ourselves off and try it again. Some things take far longer than others to correct. 211 more words

Developing In God's Ways

Two left feet

Nowadays I trip a lot

It became a running joke with my friends almost immediately after I first met them and it’s now a much-loved characteristic of mine. 467 more words


Saturday Morning and The Cosmic Hangover

One of the loaded consequences that come with dabbling in the cosmos is the next day you feel like the gods plucked you out of your bed in the middle of the night and dipped you, ever so slowly, into a deep puddle of solvent or acid, just long enough to strip off the outer layer of your soul. 385 more words


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Shoes aren’t my thing. I don’t invest in them. 70% of my scraggly shoe collection is from Kmart and generally this is fine by me. 222 more words

From The Life Of Lucy

Garden Glow Theme Park 

Another one of a kind must see attraction for families and friends, that lights up at night. Dubai Garden Glow located at Zabeel Park, the world’s unique theme park. 261 more words