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The warrior has fallen

Ups and downs, see-saw rides..
Yes I’m depressed! And I have been trying to bring the cheer back but it didn’t work.
Tried to fill the void with some meaningless interactions and making them seem real to me, it didn’t help. 286 more words

Salvia Divinorum (Trip report)

number of years ago, I had a trip on Salvia Divinorum, that I was not likely to forget. I had been researching Salvia for some while. 646 more words


Wedding, The (NOT) Traveling Pants & A Fall From Grace

Recently, our son got married on the East Coast in a large metropolitan city. The wedding itself was beautiful, as were the reception and the “after party” that closed the evening. 534 more words

Heart Transplant

This Light Holds So Many Colours

This is my second trip to Taiwan this year… And my fifth Taiwan trip since 2008/9. Cycled along the east coast for a total of 4 days (Hualien to Taitung) and took a ferry to Green Island, where R proposed. 43 more words



A perfect quiet, a winter stillness,

The vicarious thrill of Christmas

An impossible beauty plain to see

In this potential darkness.

Wine warms my stomach… 178 more words



The road is long and winding.
Even with all the trials, hurt, and hardships faced along the way, there’ll still be more to encounter.
Oftentimes the rebukes, criticisms, and reprimands received were almost too much to bear, but there’ll be more to endure. 162 more words

Random Thought


Including alcohol, that old stalwart! Dependable, easygoing, accepted, but underestimated, destructive…yet pervasively allowed.  It’s how to unwind, right?

All drugs take you on a trip, not only the trippy ones. 85 more words