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23/02/17 - Just one wrong wire .

I was called out to a job at a sewage treatment site where the escalator screens kept tripping on a regular basis.

Upon close inspection of the panel and the drawings I noticed that there was a wire that had been placed incorrectly and had resulted in the control panel not working correctly which was causing the motor to trip. 11 more words

Day To Day Life

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Into the Fantasm or How I Escaped Reality or Six Hours in Somewhere Land

I want to preface this post with the statement that everything described below is entirely fictitious.  I am not condoning, nor do I recommend the consumption/use of consciousness-altering (expanding) substances.   1,753 more words

Philosophical Fog


+++Sergeant Sturdy fought the embrace of the shifting red sands at his feet, keeping a shuttering eye fixed on a levelled horizon. Ringing bypassed his ear drums, resonating through the soft tissues and nerves sitting steamy and loose in his skull. 1,054 more words


Watch Where You're Walking; It's a Jungle Out There - Conversations with Stella

Stella:    Lady Human, why are you lying on the ground? It is dirty. And why is red stuff dripping from your nose? And why are you carrying that silly little light in your hand? 304 more words


Metal space mental space

Message massage pass the message

Robot you and alien me

What do we have in common

Trips in spaces trips in mind… 98 more words

Dead River pt.1

He sat on the couch, legs crossed, arms stretched out, with his head hanging almost behind him. A cigarette delicately held between his teeth. His eyes were open and vacant. 1,116 more words