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Your Daily Dose of Awesome, 3/6/15 edition

Friday’s contain their own innate Awesome. Without even trying, Friday promises a few days of respite from the grind, some time with loved ones, some relaxation or the ability to pursue hobbies. 670 more words


No 60 Helicopter 5

The last of that monument to awesomedomness… The Helicopter series!

I should have stopped here. What more could be done?

But this goes on and on… just like My Kitchen Rules!

Stop Tripping And Start Sipping

The weather may be cold outside but you can always find an inexpensive way to cuddle up and stay warm on the inside. Tea time is the perfect me time when you can give yourself permission to ‘Do Nothing’ except Relax! 173 more words


Took the same path, same stick, same hole again

reality doesn’t know what’s sane but

I can travel without fuel

pack impossibilities in my brain… 19 more words


Helen Keller

Everything seems to be fading out
This fate of time and place
Squinting hard to see but
Only touching lets me see your face

Can’t seem to find my way back… 119 more words

Lyrics / Poetry

Mother nature's slip and slide

I have been laughing for three whole years at something this guy I was seeing during my junior year of college told me. We were dating during the winter, I remember because winter is integral to this story. 205 more words


Everyone Looks Like I'm Tripping

I’m staring around at all of the interactions going on at the kava bar, and everyone is so involved with their own conversations, it’s like the world is separated into little bubbles, and everything inside those little bubbles stays untouchable. 136 more words