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Cloud tank video

My newest video is now live.
Click the screen shot below to go to my video page and check it out!

Free Flower Power iPhone Backgrounds

Free backgrounds in 16:9 aspect ratio, perfect for iPhones and other smart phones.


How your brain tricks your eyes into seeing things that are not there

We can trick our eyes into thinking what we are seeing is reality. These perceptions and the assumptions made by our brains are what makes virtual reality work.


The SpongeBob Movie. Sponge Out of Water. Movie Review.

There was a time when my younger twin brother and sister were obsessed with SpongeBob. Episodes of it recorded off the UK NickToons channel along with episodes of Fairly Odd Parents (who remembers that show) and with my brothers Top Gear obsession (ironic considering Clarkson finally got what was coming to him for years yesterday as of writing this) clogged to the Sky+ endlessly. 652 more words



White nails with black stripes today.