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Where has the year gone?

The last time I updated, I had not yet been to NZ. I should, therefore, write something about that visit, but don’t currently have time, about to head to work. 151 more words


11M ~ Breezing Day in Auckland

To show Felix the fish market and other attractions in Auckland, we faced a breezy, freezing wind on a clear blue sky like an autumn day should properly be. 142 more words


Cambridge with 3 kids, plus tips for parents

Because the sun was out and warm weather was promised, we decided to visit Cambridge over the long bank holiday weekend. We’ve only heard good things about Cambridge, but we were still pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed our time there. 1,049 more words


The Last Adventures

Well I have been done with school since the first week of May and have been taking advantage of being in Europe before I leave. 1,439 more words


New blog, Old me

I’m starting this blog because I am procrastinating. I think that is what I do best; procrastinate. 2 more weeks until my solo trip and I am scared witless about it! 263 more words


France recap

I imagine the trip to France will end up being several blog posts, but I figured I’d start with some key things I learned or was reminded of on this trip: 588 more words


Summer Fun and Still Recovering from Guild Sale

My local guild had a stash sale last month and I am still recovering from it, I offered to chair the sale. The guild had another sale two years ago and I was part of that one too, so I knew what to expect…sort of. 491 more words