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Triptans: Not a magic pill

So I did a little vlogging and… my voice sounds higher than it does in my head. Ah, well, I’d deal with it. Brainless Blogger is my alter ego on my main blog by the way. 320 more words

Hope for a new migraine medication

The best current anti-migraine medication are triptans (5-HT1B/1D receptor agonists). Because these medications are contra-indicated in patients with a variety of other diseases (cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, etc.), the search for alternative drugs continues. 342 more words


Medicines Used for Migraines & Depression

Are Medicines Needed? 

Migraines and depression are considered to be neurological diseases though some treat them as mental illnesses with the associated stigma . Both migraines and depression are energy crisis and can be stopped by voltage applied to specific brain regions in trouble. 1,214 more words