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Libreboot X200 es el portátil sin software propietario

Libreboot X200 es el portátil sin software propietario, concretamente es un Lenovo ThinkPad X200 que está cargado en su totalidad por Software Libre.

Lo interesante es que también el firmware como la BIOS es libre y evita que se utilice cualquier componente propietario. 187 more words


Trisquel 7 - the same, but prettier

This is a follow-up from a previous post.

I’m personally not excited about reviewing Trisquel 7, but I feel that I have a duty to follow up and see what changed. 436 more words


How much math you need for programming

Whenever I wanted to learn Algorithms, Mathematics used there somehow seemed to be an obstacle. I admit my Math is not that good but it ain’t that bad either but this “ain’t bad” level of knowledge was not enough to learn Algorithms and the time and space complexities involved and comparisons of sorting and searching techniques which are at the heart of measuring performance of computer programs. 1,822 more words


Trisquel is great, but... Not for this Parabola-er

Trisquel, based off of Ubuntu, is a beautiful distro. I’ve felt it is worth donating my time, money, and labor. I’ve breathed new life into old laptops with Trisquel. 1,003 more words


Die erfolgreichste Woche des Bitcoins im Rückblick

Der Newsrückblick der Woche erklärt, warum diese Woche die bisher erfolgreichste in der Geschichte des Bitcoins war und was es mit der ChangeTip-Manie auf reddit auf sich hat. 1,155 more words