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If I'm not Weeding, I'm Reading

We had some snow here today, so the weeds had to wait.

I made progress in several of the books that I am reading.

I only read non-fiction right now. 226 more words

Glitter Path

“One of the most beautiful effects of light on water is the way the sun forms a bright pillar as it is reflected off a large body of water towards the start or the end of the day. 136 more words

'How to Read Water' by Tristan Gooley

If you like looking at puddles, ‘How to Read Water’ is for you. If you haven’t spent much time looking at puddles, you should read it anyway. 289 more words


Colour Collector

“Imagine you are sitting on a boat out at sea and a friend asks you the following question:

“What colour is the sea?”

You glance around you, just checking that it is as stupid a question as it sounds, before confidently replying, “Blue. 85 more words

Listen, then Read

Here’s our first installment of Podcast Roundup with selection of fascinating¬† interviews with authors that will teach you and most likely have you ordering their books: 168 more words


Why people in cities can't walk properly

Do you ever get frustrated with people around you in the city who don’t seem to pay attention? People who can’t walk? People with no apparent peripheral vision? 344 more words