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Author & Punisher - Cologne, Germany 01/23/2016

From the Editor:  Author & Punisher is a powerful one man act.  Period.  Full stop.  We were first introduced to Tristan’s body of work through our friends at Housecore and through the Kid.   1,600 more words

Music Interview

Machines in Paradise: An Interview with Author & Punisher's Tristan Shone

Last week’s announcement of Author & Punisher‘s spring tour of North America (in support of Weedeater) included a Vancouver date, which came as a pleasant surprise – we’ve been absolutely spoiled for Tristan Shone’s machine doom performances (most recently September 2015 and previously December 2014) and, while we were aware of the upcoming European tour beginning on Saturday in France, fans of the industrial-concrete project can never get enough; this news was like a second Christmas. 1,246 more words


Album review: Author & Punisher - Melk en Honing

Although the deconstruction of modern technology was a key principle of the earliest, experimental forms of industrial music, its distinctive combination of analogue electronics, musique concrete sound pallet, and punk DIY aesthetic was gradually replaced with digital instruments, software, and pop sensibilities that facilitated the mutation of the genre from genuine art movement to “edgy” dance music. 551 more words


Concert Review / Reflections: Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher with Crawling Human, 11 December 2014 at The Hindenburg, Vancouver.

The machinery, resting unattended atop a group of sturdy wooden work tables on The Hindenburg stage, seems innocuous: a massive metal cylinder, which resembles a scale model of a grain bin, is flanked on one side by a gutted keyboard decked with a row of oversized black knobs, and on the other side sits a reconfigured metalworking lathe. 639 more words


Phil Anselmo thinks the guy is a genius... is up to you to agree... or not

I’m not a fan of electronic music, so I’ll take some time, try to digest it and then comment properly. All I can say is it sounds pretty heavy and dense. 523 more words

New Stuff

Author and Punisher Interview - Housecore Horror Film Festival

When I heard the good news (and not the word of the lord, don’t be vile), that Author and Punisher was to be playing at Housecore Horror this year, I did an industrial style stomping of robot feet dance. 1,206 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Video: Mechanized doom metal, Arduino style

Over the years, engineer and musician Tristan Shone has created a formidable arsenal of Atmel-based, Arduino-powered machines to perform his unique brand of doom metal.  225 more words