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PODCAST: "Chase Utley the Destroyer Edition" - 5/29

Andrew and I recorded another baseball podcast. On this third episode, we discuss “The Ejection”, the Yankees, Chase Utley, prospects, Bartolo vs. Ichiro and Rotoballer chatrooms.


You Think too Much

Life existed in a series of moments. Things happened, and then, when they ended, another moment came to take it’s place. It was stupid to think too much about what happened from day to day. 402 more words

Sophia And Jane


Sophia sighed, leaning against the trunk of the tree. Her body ached and she had a cramp in her leg that she idly tried to massage out, and her stomach growled, and she had a split in her fingers, and if she didn’t pay attention she’d start to nod off in the summer air. 232 more words

Sophia And Jane

I Love You

I love you; 13 and clueless. what was wrong with me? what was wrong with you? what was wrong with us? razors. razors. razors. jealousy. I promised myself never again. 467 more words



(din cartea lui Romel Stancioiu “Stropi de înţelepciune”)

Nu trebuie să contaţi decât pe voi înşivă. Şi nici asta prea mult.

BERNARD, Tristan (1866-1947)


Lap sitting, yo

Today at first break Cayla sat on my lap and she was leaning really close to me face and just generally being close as fuck and she wasn’t wearing pants (a skirt instead) and I just AHHHFJGGJA… 17 more words

High School

WARRIOR WITCH Character Discussion: Alex

This post is part of a series of posts discussing characters and events in WARRIOR WITCH. They will all contain serious spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book, I’d suggest holding off on reading them. 702 more words