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T is for Tristan

Tristan, almost four years old, is my first born son. I wanted to feature him for the letter ‘T’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge… 385 more words


Kaiba vs Tristan

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Tristan is experienced in close quarters combat as we’ve seen time and time again, but he’s simply no match for Kaiba at this point. 45 more words


Bakura vs Tristan

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Tristan has arrived on the blog to amaze everyone with his intense hand to hand combat training. Unfortunately for the hero, he is simply not ready to defeat a foe who is as powerful as Bakura. 45 more words


Most Remote Town

By Carolynn Williams

The world’s most remote island, cut off from the rest of the world by dangerous ocean conditions, is diving headfirst into the 21st century thanks to a design competition created to bring its infrastructure up to speed. 326 more words


BTD 5 Vs. match  w\ Special Guest Tristan!

Ok , so we are starting Bloons Tower Defense 5 vs. With special guest Tristan!!! We will be seeing who can get to the highest round before dying! 449 more words


Chapter 11.3 - Family Reunion II

Welcome back to another chapter of the Tortall legacy. In the last chapters of the story, Kyprioth and Cece had three kids, Lalasa, Lindhall, and Lianne. 288 more words

Basspiration Wednesday - 4/8/2015

Hello, dear reader. I’m have returned safe and sound from my Lenten fast from blogging.

During said fast, I discovered a new band that has become a new favorite. 85 more words