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Strictly 2015 - Farewell to the superstar partnership of Jamelia and Tristan!

Tonight Jamelia and Tristan became the 8th couple to leave the Strictly 2015 ballroom!

It really has been an emotional rollercoaster for these two. From sheer joy at being paired together (Jamelia, we’d have reacted the same way!) to despair finding themselves in the dance-off 5 times, these two have been true survivors and week after week have come back with some wonderful performances. 125 more words


Camelot—The Next Generation: A Review of Merlin and the Book of Beasts

I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for this film. After all, it has a 3.8 rating at IMDB and I haven’t been impressed with original Sci Fi films based on the few I’ve seen so I put off seeing it until recently, even though it was released in 2010. 611 more words

King Arthur's Children

Bald Knob Trail

“Get off of her!” shouted Willis, who immediately started side stepping the man who held a firm grip on Tristan’s wrist and wrapped his arm around her mid section. 1,479 more words


Tristan 3D printing

So, you’ve all been faithfully following this place in the hope of catching an early glimpse of the greatest T. rex to ever grace a European museum? 393 more words


Those in Glass Houses

The sorority is taking absolutely forever to come together. I have all the parts, I have all the desire– but I can’t seem to get the tank to actually… 292 more words

Can you give me next week's winning lottery numbers?

>Are you psychic?

>Can you predict the future?

>Do you know for sure what’s going to happen?

>If so, can you give me next week’s winning lottery numbers? 261 more words


GSK Search for Winners Against Asthma

Since giving birth to Tristan I’ve been on the lookout for any health problems he might encounter, to the point where I Google search his every sneeze and cough. 1,697 more words