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Floti Bjóða - Clusterfuck Roam I

With Fifth on board running as a Scout I FC’d my first Fleet last night. Took a few of the crew out for a Null-Sec roam in T1 Frigate, mainly Tristans and Breachers, we did have support from a Sabre and an Ares. 137 more words

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Water Bottles

Now I have just started a fitness regime and I carry this Reebok sipper ,that controls the amount I drink ,saving me for stomach ache .So this got me to thinking what others fabulous water bottles are out there ? 306 more words

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3D digitizing black, shiny bones

I know you all wait for news on Tristan, the Tyrannosaurus rex that will soon grace the exhibition spaces of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. I know, and I understand, and I feel with you. 2,092 more words



Med vores travle sommer har jeg helt glemt at dele en god nyhed her på bloggen. Da vi først fik dem at vide kunne jeg jo ikke skrive om den her fordi ikke alle havde fået den at vide endnu. 196 more words

Moster Tina

Lost Scene From The Fire Dancer

The things I find when I go through my notebooks!  This would’ve never fit into The Fire Dancer, but it was a fun little exploration piece when I was figuring out Holly’s relationship with Callie and Tristan.   842 more words

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Tristan's First Date!

Well, not my first first date. As far as you know.

We’ve got a couple of YouTube links for you, one to our latest podcast episode… 514 more words