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6.14 - The One With The Bees

So, I said the poll would be open until at least yesterday, and I’m just getting this 24 screenshot post out?

I have no excuse. Voltron Legendary Defender took over my life. 580 more words


Five Things to Know About Brett Young, Country Music's Newest Swoon-Worthy Star

If you listen to country radio, you’ve no doubt heard Brett Young’s catchy No. 1 song “Sleep Without You,” and you probably can’t get it out of your head. 686 more words


Who’s the King/Queen of Gen Seven?

Well, folks, it’s that time again! Who’d have believed it would have come around so quickly!? Or, is it just me who feels like this Generation has gone really fast? 588 more words

Generation Six

6.13 - The One With The Ghosts

As I finished writing post 6.12 the day before starting this, I genuinely have nothing to add here. The Heir Poll launches at the end of this post, but I still have one more actual post to go before I announce the winner, so if you don’t know who to vote for at the end of  1,616 more words


6.12 - The One With The Spa

I repeat my sentiment from the start of the last post, except that in the last few days I managed to stab myself in the thumb with an apple corer, kneel on glass, and discover how desperately I need new work shoes after accidentally doing the splits and then falling over several times. 1,535 more words


6.11 - The One With The Fake Patronus

The only problem with binge writing posts within a matter of days is that I have absolutely nothing interesting to put up here. Would you like to hear about how I helped my nan set up her new kettle? 1,793 more words