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Nemesis: Game 2

The adventurers begin searching their vessel for any advantage in their current plight. They sought weapons, armor, food, supplies. They find themselves adrift in the Ocean of Storms, with only the guiding hand of the touchstone moving them toward or away from shaped land. 519 more words


Can We Dance? (pt. IV)

Karena jalanan yang lengang, hanya butuh waktu satu jam lebih sedikit hingga kami tiba di tempat tujuan, asrama kampusku. Ya, aku tinggal di asrama kampus selama tiga tahun belakangan. 255 more words

Cuba Libre I by 500V4

American car from the 50’s parked on the cobbled streets of Tristan de Cuba

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“Make your choice. If you don’t want me then pull away,” Aran whispered, his breath warm on Raphael’s lips.


In his next breath, Raphael’s lips fell upon Aran’s, and their grip upon each other tightened. 858 more words

Gen Y


“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And give us…” The explosion could be heard for miles around the city, and stunned the slender, ethereal teen into silence even as he knelt in St. 384 more words

Gen Y


Raphael followed Father Peter toward the Cathedral, his brow furrowed, and a deep scowl seized his lips. He parked alongside him, and remained still as the androgynous man slowly emerged from the sedan. 732 more words

Gen Y


Bloodshot blue eyes strained in the darkness to watch as an owl landed on the nearby fountain; it looked around cautiously before grooming itself with its beak. 452 more words

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