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Dear Tristan,

my handsome boy! I still can’t believe it… You slept until 05.30 today!!! We tried so hard so make it happen, by feeding you so that the last feeding was late, anticipating or postponing feedings to make it easier to happen, and you always somehow messed up our plans. 563 more words


Tristan's Pictures from Thurmond, WV

I recently caught a ton of flack from my facebook “friends” for handing Tristan my expensive DSLR to take pictures on our recent hiking adventure. My thought is, yes he is 7, but he is a mature 7. 44 more words

Took the boys to the local carnival 

Dylan (12) took Tristan (7) on all the “baby” rides. Then he took my baby on the big kid rides. Tristan has always been tall. At 3 almost 4 he got on his first upside down roller coaster and LOVED it. 40 more words

Happy Birthday, Tristan!

It’s Tristan’s birthday today! ¬†We celebrated with cupcakes at the stroke of midnight followed by a delicious dinner out at Sassafraz in Yorkville this evening. 692 more words


Heart-melting smile :)

Dear Tristan,

a milestone was reached this week! On Wednesday, August 10th, you cracked your first smile! And, guess what?? IT WAS FOR ME!!! No no, that wasn’t granted… With all the time you are spending with Grandma, I was almost sure that would have happened with her someday while I was at work. 776 more words



Dear Tristan,

you are over 6 weeks old now. You are growing so fast we can’t keep up with you and your constant change. It’s amazing to watch, you, little one, doing new things every day. 550 more words