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Iron Age Hero Traits

Along with the rise of the hill forts circa 1000 BCE, and the emphasis on items both as weapons and ornamentation, the stratification of society, into chieftains or kings surrounded by nobles and warriors supported by priests or druids interceding for farmers, craft-workers and slaves, was firmly established. 806 more words

Celtic Trivia

Tristan Ahumada's Top 8 Choices For Free Images

I have to thank Travis Thom to start off because I got this idea from his blog. I just narrowed down his choices to the 8 I liked the best. 358 more words

T.R.Poe's "American Terrorists"


Samuel “Sonny” Samuels had it rough growing up. Abused and treated as an outcast by his entire family, Sonny manages to finish high school and right afterwards enlist in the United States Army. 4,130 more words


Everywhere I Go I take Pictures

Everywhere I go I take pictures of the scenery and I have created my own database of pictures. This way when I need a picture for an ad I simply dig into my database first. 198 more words

Practicing What To Say Is A Waste?

Do you think practicing what to say to people is a waste of time? (Practicing Your Craft)

Do you practice what you say to clients, are you a “Spur of the moment” type person or do you just know what to say? 274 more words

How Do You Start Your Morning?

How do you start your morning?

Let’s Start with Benjamin Franklin Today

He was always trying to better himself. We know he wasn’t perfect, but he did help us a lot. 327 more words