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Magical Language and a Book of Books

“…The ones who merely seek fortune or personal gain will not be able to get in contact with the fraternity. It also hints at the great secrets that they possess, chiefly a certain magical language, and a book that contains all the books in the world, but also a promise of a means by which one is able to know all that is possible to know. 20 more words

Western Esotericism And Rituals Of Initiation

Haslmayr and the Paracelsian Theophrastia Sancta.

“Likewise, the unitarian Neoplatonic position is seemingly upheld by Paracelsus’s doctrine of the soul: “Man has two bodies: one from the earth, the second from the stars, and thus they are easily distinguishable. 362 more words


The Moon #1 - Gabriel

Last month I have focused on the Moon her Energy and her Spirits. I have worked with Gabriel on a Monday during the hour of the moon while the Moon was waxing, and have done a ritual with Selene on the day of the full Moon during a planetary hour of the moon. 363 more words


Constructing a Lamen for Conjuration

Recently, I had someone ask me for help in creating a lamen for use with the Trithemian conjuration ritual.  While the original text doesn’t go into details about it, it says that “the pentacle may be either wrote on clean virgin parchment, or engraven on a square plate of silver and suspended from thy neck to the breast”.   1,694 more words


Upcoming Classes at Sticks and Stones!

After a long while of not having classes at Sticks and Stones, the local new age/earth-based spirituality store I do readings at, the lovely owners and I finally came up with a few classes and workshops for me to teach through the rest of 2013.    763 more words


The 16th century internet

In the sixteenth century, modern science was struggling to free itself from medieval mysticism.  Alchemy, astrology and magic were rife, although they were officially condemned by the religious authorities. 220 more words


Upcoming Classes at Sticks and Stones!

So Gwen and I were sitting down at Sticks and Stones, the store I do readings and classes at, and talked about our schedules for the first half of 2013, through the end of June.   957 more words