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Trivia Question for March 9, 2017 – Will Rogers Ranch

QUESTION:   Will Rogers passed away in 1935, his wife donated the ranch to the state of California in 1944. How many bedrooms did the ranch have? 36 more words


Trivia Question for February 17, 2017 – Loretta Swit

Actress Loretta Swit played Major Margaret Houlihan aka “Hot Lips” and was just one of four cast members to stay for the entire 11 season run. 56 more words


#EngTrivia: 'That' vs. 'Which'

Hey, fellas! Today, I want to talk about yet another usage case where two words look interchangeable but are actually not. The words are ‘that’ and ‘which’. 242 more words


Trivia Question for February 9, 2017 – Senate Rule 19

QUESTION: What violent act occurred in the US Senate which caused the creation of Rule 19 more than 100 years ago? 106 more words


From Hotelier to President….a comparison not to be taken lightly!

So, hotelier Donald Trump is President – who would have thought and who said our industry doesn’t provide opportunities? Well at least it does in the United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave! 600 more words