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#EngTrivia: Restrictive and Non-restrictive Clause

In this moment we will discuss about restrictive and non-restrictive clause which also known as defining and non-defining clause. What are they?

They are types of relative clause which clauses that defining a noun. 362 more words


Trivia Question for January 12, 2017 – California Drought

QUESTION: What is the longest recorded period of drought in California history, in years please? 35 more words


#EngTrivia: Spelling -ing and -ed forms

Hi, fellas! How was your day? Today I’m going to post an easy guide on how to change a bare infinitive to –ing and – 370 more words


#EngTrivia: Various Meanings of "Go off"

Good evening, fellas! Today I want to talk about a phrasal verb that often confuses me. It’s “go off”. If you want to know what a phrasal verb is, you can… 402 more words


Trivia Question for December 22, 2016 – Favorite Soup

The Campbells soup company created what would be later known as the Campbell kids.

QUESTION: In what year were they created? 51 more words


#EngTrivia: "Can" vs "Be Able to"

Hey, fellas! Today we will talk about the usage of can and be able toCan and be able to are often interchangeable, but there are some occasions where only one of them is correct. 339 more words