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Crimson Peak Fan Trivia: Charlie Hunnam

August 31, 2015

With the contest still going, we’re in the second week of the Crimson Peak’s Fan Trivia. You already began to get acquainted with… 260 more words


Crimson Peak Fan Trivia Answers....Jessica Chastain

August 31, 2015

Morning! Yes, I know that Shadowbox is to return tomorrow September 1, but I wanted to reveal the answers to the first of trivia questions for… 138 more words


The Piano Trivia

Anna Paquin who played Flora inThe Piano won a academy award for Best Supporting Actress.

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Trivia Question for August 27 2015 - Addresses of Classic TV Families


Most of us watch TV and enjoy “visiting” the homes of our favorite television characters each week. Tonight, for a Trivia Question, I’m going to give you a street address and your job is to tell me what TV family lives at that address. 307 more words


Decode Poe

We’ve got a fun challenge for you today: Decode Poe.

Cryptograms were widely used during the Victorian era to protect information via secret messages. Letters and messages were encrypted to ensure secrecy in communications.   142 more words

Literacy Connects

Know Your Killer

Do you know who The Granny Killer is? Or, which serial murderer was forced to go to school dressed as a girl? Test your knowledge on Serial Killers and let me know how you did. 205 more words

True Crime

Crimson Peak Trivia: Jessica Chastain

August 24, 2015

Good Morning! The fan contest is still here and I’m going to keep campaigning to get everyone’s creative juices going. First things first, I’ve decided to do a trivia of the starring actors of the upcoming film… 229 more words