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Let’s talk turkey with a Thanksgiving quiz

Thanksgiving traditionally marks the start of the holiday shopping season. To begin the celebration, let’s see how well you know the holiday with a short quiz (answers below): 342 more words

Trivia Question for November 19, 2015 – Moon Walking

On this date in history… On November 19, 1969, Apollo 12 Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean became the third and fourth humans to walk on the moon. 188 more words


Trivia Question for November 12, 2015 – Starbucks

If you follow social media you’ll note that the Red Holiday Cup of Starbucks created a big brew-ha-ha among those with nothing better to do, claiming that Starbucks is at war with Christmas and by extension Christians for not have more traditional holiday fair.  128 more words


Trivia Question for November 5, 2015 – The Shortest Street in Los Angeles

The longest street in Los Angeles is Sepulveda Boulevard which runs for 26.4 miles through the city.


How long is the shortest street in Los Angeles? 111 more words


Trivia Question for October 29, 2015 – The Internet’s Birthday (and National Cat Day!)

Is it a coincidence the Internet’s Birthday and National Cat Day are the same day?  Probably.  But the Internet was almost called the Catenet (pronounced “cat-en-et”) a term that came from the word catenated, which means to link together in a connected series. 141 more words


Anecdotes from a past life or life past in hotels…

Having ‘been around’ for some time I occasionally have the desire to tell a story or two from the ‘good old’ days in the hospitality business…not too sure if they were always good, but they certainly were fun, and… 868 more words


The Ultimate Halloween Trivia Quiz

In honor of our upcoming Halloween Party, we decided to create our own Halloween trivia quiz. Think you know everything there is to know about this spooky holiday? 259 more words