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April 19 Trivia Rankings

A lovely night for trivia, my Quizlings! Thank you to all who came out to play. We maybe learned a wee bit about ICE, Pooh and Swell along the way. 97 more words

Tomato Jake's

Final Trivia Night this Season!

Yes, it’s our last night. But fear not…we’ll just be taking a break. So come out to the Storehouse at 7:30 on Tuesday to get in a few more rounds of trivia before the greenhouse opens for the season. 7 more words

Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society

Trivia Night, College Style

Yesterday, my roommates asked me if I wanted to go to Trivia Night at Jake’s that evening. Although school is busy, and I really just wanted to stay home and relax, I decided that our time left to do fun things as a group was coming to a close as graduation gets closer and closer. 471 more words

April 12 Trivia Rankings

What a lovely night! The weather cooperated very nicely and let’s hope it continues to oblige. So come back next week, Quizlings, and let’s enjoy the beautiful spring weather. 156 more words

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Episode 7 of "Big Little Lies" - reviewed by George

In the first minutes of this final episode you will definitely identify the murderer and the murderee. And it does come as a surprise (at least it did to me when I got it). 159 more words


Trivia Night Tomorrow!

So sorry for the confusion from the last post – there are still two more trivia nights left, including tomorrow night!

Come out to the Storehouse at 7:30 for some friends, fun, and fundraising for a good cause. 20 more words

Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society

March 29 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. It was a lovely night and even though that final round gave some a case of the fits I believe most enjoyed themselves. 139 more words

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