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"Magical" Trivia Revealed! A Video Answer To Yesterday's Question?

I want to thank Pat Jeanetti of the The Mickey Dudes Podcast for the lead in to today’s post.  In a comment, yesterday, he said … 272 more words


"Quick Magic" Trivia! How Well Do You Know Mickey's Kingdom?

Good morning, everyone!  We all know that Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened its doors for business on October 1, 1971.  Over 45 years ago, folks! 64 more words


Karson & Kennedy's HUGE Announcement About Can't Beat Kennedy

Listen to the audio above to hear how we are making the K&K show even better! 

If you already know what we’re talking about, listen for all the details on this exciting revamp. 24 more words



Scenario: Adult humans are the size of rabbits. Now imagine that all animals, insects, arachnids, etc. are also smaller, in scale with humans. Trees, grass, rivers, mountains, etc. 30 more words

Hypothetical Situations