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Money for something

Every year about this time, I grovel. Begging has become one of my core competencies. I don’t mind, though. First of all, these are good causes. 389 more words


Your brain on Trivia Crack!

You got the time to try to prove that you outsmart someone? Got a point to prove? Then Trivia Crack is right up your alley! I have been playing Trivia Crack on and off for a few months now and I never knew I was a history buff, though never self proclaimed every time the spinner lands on that icon I’m always bound to churn out a right answer. 288 more words


True Wisconsin Facts

The exciting sequel to “True Laramie Facts.”

I’m pretty familiar with the Badger state, but this is the first time I’ve ever traveled here by myself, by plane, or in the winter. 932 more words

To Grad School

Trivial Matters #21

This is a favorite Oscar-related acting achievement of mine, which I am remiss for not including in Trivial Matters already: performers who have been nominated twice in the same year! 304 more words


I'm on Vacation - Talk Amongst Yourselves

Seriously. Pick a topic and go for it in the comments section.

The bar is open.


43 Words Invented by Authors - by Mental Floss

Great video about 43 words that were ‘invented’ (or first used) by authors from Mental Floss.

Sit back and enjoy…


Now I Know

Now I Know is a daily newsletter you can sign up to have sent to your email. Each edition is just a short factual article about something interesting. 92 more words