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Man smart - woman smarter

i was 34 when my son was born. My father was 37 when I was born and his father was 41 when he was born. However my mother was 22 when I was born and her mother was 25 when she was born. 297 more words


Today in History: October 1

Years after the event, Babe Ruth recounted his “called shot” of October 1, 1932, as something planned almost from the start of the at-bat, the game, his life. 374 more words


Meet the Cast: Martin Aramayo

While we’re still keeping his role a bit of a mystery, we’d love to introduce all of you to Martin Aramayo.

Martín is a Houston native but a fresh face to the acting community. 93 more words


Shower thoughts

When you’re being criticised for being short, they’re really just saying the worst thing about you is that there isn’t more of you.


Shower thoughts

We use sex to sell anything possible to sell but those who buy and sell sex get arrested.


Shower thoughts

If something breaks easily, it’s either really cheap or really expensive.