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Radiohead confirms Glastonbury Gig. Click Here to find out more about their amazing Journey

Radiohead just confirmed that they will be performing at the Glastonbury festival of 2017. With the band guitarist Ed O’Brian saying “I would love to. I go to Glastonbury every year, it’s my carnival.  973 more words


Day 2 of Williamsburg

The first part of the day was spent sleeping in! And it was wonderful. And very much needed. Today was the day I was going to treat Noah to his surprise! 334 more words

How Often Do People Check Their Phone?

Cell phone addiction is a very real problem; it even has a name: nomophobia. A person with nomophonia obsessively checks his or her cell phone and feels anxious when not connected to the internet.  424 more words


Did you know?...

As you can probably tell, I like a bit of Tube Trivia. I stumbled across this post by Stephen Liddell and was a happy chapette. 140 times happy, in fact.

Many Strides - Walking The London Underground, Overground

ミニ。ストロベリ~パイ (MINI Clip) Trivia

– I filmed this dance on March 15th.

– This song is one of my early H!P favorites, because I thought the video/song was fun and cute~. 274 more words



A field bee flies over 50,000 miles in order to be able to produce 1 pound of honey.