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Did You Know . . . ?

We usually focus on one topic per blog, but today we thought we’d bring you some interesting, fun and outright weird facts about your ears and hearing. 1,127 more words


Who wore the original Dunce Cap?

  1.  John Duns Scotus was a respected philosopher and scholar (13th   century).

  2.  Upon Renaissance and then the Protestant Reformation, his theories were rejected by Humanist and Protestant scholars, who used the term “Dunce” to denote those who foolishly clung on to outmoded doctrine.

  3. 30 more words

TRIVIA: First Artist To Enter At Number One With Consecutive Releases

Who was the first artist to enter at Number One with consecutive releases? It was glam-rock band Slade.

Perhaps best known for the brilliant Christmas tune but in 1973 they debuted at the top with both “Cum On Feel The Noize” and “Skweeze Me Pleeze Me.” 50 more words


U-Turn. No, You Turn!

Recently, in a very unofficial interview, Pope Frank was quoted as saying that there was no Hell; i.e. there was no place, full of fire and brimstone, where souls were tortured for eternity.  460 more words


Geometric Shapes Trivia

So this will be a real fast one. It’s listed as a blue (easy) quiz. Most of the answers are obvious. The one thing that bothers me is that they list both square and rectangle for the picture of a square and want you to select square, even though we know that all squares are rectangles so both answers should be correct. 169 more words


Strange Colors Trivia

So to start off, this is a red category trivia. Some of these “colors” aren’t listed as colors when you google them. One is a type of wood and one is a type of orchid that comes in multiple colors. 105 more words


Challenge Accepted!

For the past few trivia games at Powell’s Pub, we’ve had a “visiting” team in the mix. This team has been a challenge for us in our games, some of which we’ve won, and sometimes, they beat us. 1,480 more words