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"Are You A Student?"

It surprises me when I think about how many times people have asked me “are you a student?” Sometimes, I answer “yes.”

I consider myself both a student and a teacher. 234 more words


Members of LAMB OF GOD, KISS, TRIVIUM & More React To Today's Marriage Equality Ruling

The US Supreme Court made a monumental ruling today resulting in same-sex marriage being legal in all 50 states.
Naturally, it’s a topic that everybody is talking about, and metalheads are no different. 43 more words


The Trivium in Modern Education

When discussing classical education, oftentimes use of the term trivium enters the conversation accompanied by a longing sigh and forlorn yearning for the glory of yesteryear.  1,106 more words

The Purpose of Education in American Society

Man by nature is a rational creature that can be raised to astounding intellectual heights or wallow in a quagmire of cerebral idiocy.  Though exemplars exist that show how some have enlightened themselves by sheer dedication and fortitude, the majority of people are limited in their scholarly and vocational pursuits by the quality of education they receive. 563 more words

Classical . . . Christian . . . Homeschool . . . Tutorial . . . Service

Gideon Study Center

Partnering with Homeschool Families
to develop students in the areas of
knowledge, character, and faith

. . . Serves by providing classical and Christian tutorial services for homeschool students grades 2 –12 . 92 more words


Το 2013 οι Trivium στο album Vengeance Falls διασκεύασαν το τραγούδι Losing my religion των R.E.M.

Ένα τραγούδι το οποίο είχε κυκλοφορήσει το 1991 στο album Out of Time.


Civilisation 62: The 4th council of Toledo (633)

The fourth council of Toledo marks one of Christendom’s darkest hours. Presided over by Bishop Isidore of Seville (later Saint Isidore) who also instigated most of its enactments, the fourth council was a study in anti-Semitism and religio-political bigotry. 423 more words