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Trivium - Silence In The Snow

Given the somewhat bizarrely mixed response when the lead single, and title track, to Trivium’s seventh LP dropped, it would seem that another canny musical detour from the Floridian quartet will see opinion once again divided amongst fans, nothing new with the band prone to tweaking their sound since 2005’s break-out ‘Ascendancy’. 168 more words


Small Talk

much is said
by the spaces
between worthless words

lift of brow
shift of eye
belie polite speech

the articulate pause
the momentous breath
revelations of truth 9 more words


Artful Artifice

ink dipped wand
waived with flourish
across empty pages

words appear from
thin air right
under the eye

sleight of heart
trick of mind
stuff of magic… 12 more words



speak your mind
loosen your tongue
hear the breakage

see clattering shards
of glass friendships
hitting the ground

fragile the tenuous
ties never built
to stand candor… 27 more words


TRIVIUM's Matt Heafy Collabs With Ihsahn on MRITYU

TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy discussed the status of his experimental black metal side project Mrityu, produced by ex-Emperor frontman Ihsahn in a new interview. Speaking with Revolver (via Blabbermouth), he revealed that he initially intended to work on the project anonymously: 196 more words


Song of the Day: Black by Trivium


Decomposing in this worthless tomb,
Nothingness inhaled, I am consumed.
Starving for the ending to this doom,
We the parasite, our death overdue.

Black! 133 more words

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