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My memory of childhood consists of playing under a summer sun shimmering through green trees; listening to 90’s music blaring through a Sony boombox from the red bricked garage; waiting for the sun to set so we can begin Capture the Flag; building the most complex marble run at our babysitter’s while watching Total Request Live; and, with our babysitter’s kids, playing Sega and Nintendo games, namely Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 172 more words

Driving and multitasking don't mix - the proof...

The roads are full of simpletons merrily multitasking, be it talking on mobile phones, texting, eating, and God knows what else. If it was only themselves that got killed, that would be fine; problem is these fools are a threat to others. 415 more words


How to does TRL calibration kit & measurement

How to does TRL calibration kit & measurement
SOLT(Open, short, load, thru)是最常見的校正方法,由於在購買網路分析儀的時候,一定會將SOLT的校正鍵當作配件一起購買,但SOLT的校正雖然可以校正掉最多誤差,但卻很難再將治具效應移除掉。
在高頻器件的應用一般都會上在基板(substrate)去做測試,無論是半導體的矽基板,或一般在用的PCB板,想要移除基板的治具效應,業界最常用的校正方法就是TRL(Thru, reflect, line)。

TRL(Thru, reflect, line)
TRL就是利用Thru, reflect & line,這三種校正鍵去做高頻的校正,如下圖所示。


Line就是將Thru的長度在加上波長除於4(Wavelength/4)的長度。 180 more words


Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Wow Wendy’s, you’ve done it, again. You have reinvented the wheel to be less round and more useless. Only “Select Locations” serve this bomb because they can’t let the word out on this disaster. 93 more words

Consume Food

2015 TRL Post-Race Survey

We had a blast at this year’s event, and we hope you did too! Please let us know your thoughts in our quick and easy post-race survey! 35 more words


Shows I Desperately Miss -- MTV Edition

Hi Friends!

It’s no surprise to anyone that MTV never actually plays music anymore. But it’s also kind of a bummer that the only watchable shows it airs these days is like, Catfish and Teen Mom.  557 more words

Lori Roberts, our latest People of TRL interview, who's running her first 10km race at TRL 2015

Ted’s Run for Literacy: When did you start running and why?
Lori Roberts: Sitting around a campfire with friends one night in July 2012, I made a suggestion that the five of us should sign up for the 2013 Manitoba Marathon Relay. 416 more words