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What Does "Kappa" Mean?

Kappa is popular in Twitch chat or any gaming community. Kappa icon known as the troll face. It’s basically¬†an emote used to indicate whatever being said is a joke.


Troll Parasites game

An alone and grieved troll was sitting at home and watching television until his friends were attacked to his house unannounced. But in fact, all the events happening inside a computer and actually guests are viruses in this story and our sleuth troll that playing antivirus roll, must shoot the viruses to kill them and save computer’s life ( fat troll ). 32 more words

IOS Games

Jimmy Fallon

My #weirdgymstory is one time when I was 7, I went to the gym with my mom. She was taking a Kickboxing class and I wasn’t allowed inside the room. 422 more words