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जायरा को राजनीति के 'दंगल' से बचाने आगे आए आमिर

  1. जम्मू-कश्मीर की मुख्यमंत्री महबूबा मुफ्ती से मुलाकात के बाद सोशल मीडिया पर ट्रोल हो चुकी दंगल फेम जायरा वसीम के सपोर्ट में अब बॉलीवुड आमिर खान भी आ गए हैं.
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5 Things To Know

Operation: Troll

Week two-fifty of Operation Graphite – theme: Troll.

Trolls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments. Some might only bother you if you tread to closely, some might purposely hunt you down, some are small and hide under bridges, some are huge and roam the frozen forests of Scandinavia. 13 more words

Operation After Action Report

Empowered by association 

So I’ve been told by a new friend I have recently made that they feel more confident when out and about with me because of my lack concern over how others might percieve me and my barefoot lifestyle. 458 more words


Chicoine's answer

Yesterday it wasn’t a good day for Gary Bernard Chicoine-Piper. It was the beginning of the end of his anonymity. Of him being unknown.

So to show his appreciation for what I did yesterday he took more time than usual in his personal harassment towards me. 170 more words

The Immeasurable Power of a Word Slip

It’s been years since I graced this blog, so forgive me if I sound a little off. Like the first time I wrote an entry, though, there are thoughts in my mind that just won’t shut up. 573 more words