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Dear assholes

Dear assholes that continue to visit my blog even though you hate it. How sad must your lives be? Nothing better to do than to tell me daily how much you hate my blog? 7 more words


Get a life

Dude you are so pathetic. Get a fucking life man seriously. Stop hanging on my balls like you want my ass. I am not into guys like that…




Stockings are only mentioned by Bert the Troll and by Gandalf in imitation.

  • 02.096 “The one with the yellow stockings,” said Bert.
  • 02.097 “Nonsense, the one with the grey stockings,”


The Oxford English Dictionary has man-flesh (hyphenated so) as a word attested since the seventeenth century.  Tolkien does not hyphenate it and only Tom the troll says it.   32 more words


Lout is another Troll-only word.  Its meaning of clown or bumpkin seems to come from a Middle English verb louten, to bow down, and is related to “lurk” and “little”.

  • 02.068 “And you’re a lout!”


Cop – to grab, from Germanic roots to do with stealing or buying – is only said by a troll:

  • 02.051 look what I’ve copped!” said William.


Booby, which comes not only from the gannet family of ungainly seabirds but from a Latin root meaning “to stammer” (and therefore presumed dull-witted), is used only by our trolls. 10 more words