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It seems to be a mistake to comment on other’s articles. That little “comment” box is there just waiting for some unsuspecting person to fall into the trap that has been set by some “troll” as they call them. 472 more words




I am connected to Twitter now. Follow me @Haruka_Desu

Will probably post more frequently on there, than on here. As is easier and takes less time, especially in the moment of a thought or something I feel like sharing. 54 more words

Haruka Diary- Online

Talisman Troll

Troll mini from the Warhammer Talisman board game. Model completed 2015. I have followed the game artwork as the paint scheme for all of the main models.


100% Badass

This entry is going to be a little on the serious side, so I’m going to lead in with a video of my cat being extra special cute because he’s the best little marshmallow there is yes he is yes he is. 846 more words

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