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That Tinder Trial: Is Online Harassment a Crime?

Why I’m bringing this up is because I’m goddam pissed off. Pissed off big time.

I followed the Tinder Trial case closely when it was current in the news in 2015, but the result of Zane Alchin’s trial was only just brought to my attention. 807 more words

My Spawnlings Drive Me Crazy

There comes a time in every parents’ life when they look at their precious little spawnlings and say to themselves, “Good Gods in Hades. What have I created?” 533 more words

Managing Evil Genius Inc.

How To Deal With A Troll.

Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, but at the end of the day they still look like the asshole.

I’ve actually been patiently waiting for anti-female and feminist hating man baby to comment on my post or send me a message, but the time hasn’t come. 610 more words

Zen and the Art of Whatsapp Group Maintenance


Whatsapp Groups are social technology.

And, as with all technologies, first we design it.

And then it redesigns us.


What’s the best metaphor for Whatsapp Groups, by the way? 952 more words


5 Most Dangerous Harry Potter Beasts


Three-Headed Dog (M.O.M Classification Unknown)

The Three Headed dog is the rarest of the 5 beasts on this list, so not much is known about them. 506 more words


Trolljegeren / Trollhunter (2010)

Day 15 of 31

Director : Andre Ovredal
Starring : Otto Jespersen Hans Morten Hansen Tomas Alf Larsen Johanna Mørck Knut Nærum Robert Stoltenberg Glenn Erland Tosterud. 758 more words

Movie Reviews

Ernest Scared Brilliant

Scary movies are for children.  This statement does not come from a place of degradation for the genre but with sincere lovingness and appreciation of all things horror and horror-related.  2,239 more words

Movie Review