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Inner Troll

I love Netflix, as do most of my generation, and recently I’ve been rewetting Merlin <3 Lord Geekus hadn’t seen it before and it’s utterly fantastic. 350 more words


Trolls - Just ignore him

I have a troll that has begun to attack those that support this website in any way and might make posts about you. I encourage you all not to engage this sad individual. 409 more words


Dear Trolls

Posting my address, phone number, and personal info online does not scare me. In fact all that info is on my platforms already. You seem to live a sad life for all your “fame.” The very fact you have so much time to play with my image and write letters to authorities and social media companies to have my accounts shut down is amusing honestly. 54 more words


21 Times Microsoft Word Was Obviously Just Trolling You

We’re onto you, Word.
1. When it refuses to make up its damn mind.
View this image ”
Nothing’s ever good enough for you, is it, Word?
2. When its thesaurus featureRead more…