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One girl is trolling everybody by carrying around a fake Starbucks drink and claiming it's from the 'secret menu'

I am so tired of Starbucks drinks, guys.

No, not coffee. Coffee has never done me any personal wrongs. (Except for the fact that its existence makes it possible for moms everywhere to joke “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee!”) 385 more words


Meet Your Hero Loose Your Girl

Said id post more of these. How famous would someone have to be for you to not mind your partner sleeping with them?

That guy was a thirsty thot. 39 more words


Tala om det

Det vi för 50 år sen hukande dolde i hjärtat mörkaste kammare, vädras nu. Det som för 50 år sen var det mest skambelagda har nu råkat ut av oss. 222 more words


A warm welcome to my troll.

I have a troll!

Yes, that’s right. Less than a week into my blogging career and there’s already someone out there in social media land who has made it their business to climb onto my case. 525 more words


This woman trolled a Facebook scammer with a list of hilarious sexual demands, and she's now my hero

Facebook scammers aren’t necessarily the brightest or the shrewdest, but you have to give them props for being persistent — particularly when they encounter a scammer with skills that far outweigh their own. 280 more words