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TechCrunch: Reddit cracks down on abuse as CEO apologizes for trolling the trolls

Reddit is cracking down on trolls — apparently also including the CEO, who has admitted to troll-like behavior. “Reddit will start issuing warnings, timeouts and permanent bans to its most abusive trolls, but will also limit the content manipulation capabilities of its own CEO after he apologized today for ethical violations that shook the trust of the online community.”

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Deplorable Day 3: A Setback and a Handy Chart

Well, that didn’t last long.  Apparently a Facebook algorithm detected my fake profile and I’ve been deleted.  I suppose it’s possible that someone reported me…but I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t doing anything abnormal in the circles I was part of.   78 more words


Deplorable Day Two: Building the Ruse

In order to get started, I’ll need to create my “Trojan Horse” character (“Grady Becker“) and join up with the mark (“the deplorables”) using my tried and true techniques.   965 more words


Day One: Diving into the Echo Chamber

Ah…the “deplorables”.  A term originally coined to point out the more bigoted, loud mouthed, prone to confirmation bias followers of Donald Trump.  Uneducated?  Sure, I’ll say it.   501 more words


Pence's neighbors troll him with gay pride flags

The soon-to-be Vice President is famous for his stance on LGBT issues, and his new neighbors have a problem with that. Mike Pence has temporarily relocated to a Washington D.C. 127 more words

Chris Pratt Is Hilariously Trolling Jennifer Lawrence By Posting Bad Photos Of Her On Instagram

Chris Pratt may have been recently elevated to the status of Hollywood Heartthrob, but his offscreen antics prove that the goofy and playful persona behind  329 more words

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Chris Pratt Is Trolling Jennifer Lawrence Fans On Instagram

Why does Chris Pratt hate Jennifer Lawrence? Ok, maybe hate is a strong word. Fine, he’s actually just trolling all her fans.

If you haven’t heard, J-Law and Chris Pratt have a little film coming out on December 20th, it’s called Passengers. 153 more words