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I lost some texts...

My poor old phone almost died the other day at dinner. I happened to have a nearly empty charger with me, so I plugged it in to get what juice I could.   540 more words


Reflecting Christ Online: The Antidote to Poisonous Internet Trolling


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been harassed online. If you were in a room of 100 people, according to a… 1,610 more words

BCM Spotlight Blog

Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams Doesn't Mince Words About Tech's Responsibility For Fake News

With the recent reveal that Russian fake news accounts bought Facebook ads before the 2016 election which may have reached 70 million Americans, the discussion about what responsibility social media sites have to curb… 457 more words


Rens 1st Marlin Story & Team Witchn

Having moved to QLD in Feb 2017 one of the first things I did was approach the Gold Coast Game Fishing club and put myself out there looking for a local boat to crew on with the prospect of catching my first Marlin. 1,015 more words

JustaGirls Fishing Adventures

Anti-viral in the subway

MTA Poetry in Motion, let’s do this…

With this post I commit

To unbow my head, to “look up,” to wit:

To confront not follow, engage not scroll… 155 more words


Racists And Gamers Defend Idiot YouTube Star's Use Of The N-Word

Looks like I have some bad news for fans of unfunny let’s-player Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg. 879 more words