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Editorial: Five reasons why you should never be a Feminist

For going on to two weeks now, we have watched happily as discussions about feminism took over the Nigerian cyberspace.

There have always been periods on both Twitter and Facebook that people trolled feminists. 1,114 more words


James Franco Wannabes - We all know 'em

Thank you, Anne Thériault, for this freaking hilarious live-tweet chronicle of an overheard disaster date. This has sparked some new series ideas for us… Anyway, please tell us your terrible date stories, Internet! 59 more words


You Can Feed the Trolls, Just Make Sure You Give Them Brussel Sprouts

I stumbled across a BBC News article on my Facebook feed stating that New Zealand has created legislation to make trolling illegal. Now, as many enraged troll defenders pointed out, cyber bullying and trolling are not the same thing. 1,728 more words

Day 290 - Having a Weak Will

I actually survived to yesterday’s party. Surprisingly. I’m not sure if I should be proud about it, though. Like, I literally drank my body weight in alcohol. 181 more words


Online Trolling


A couple of days ago I came across a YouTube video that was made by a beautiful lady called Em Ford aka @MyPaleSkin. The video very quickly spread and went viral on the internet and quite rightly so, for the content in the video was simple yet very hard hitting and powerful. 880 more words

What lurks beneath

I talked about monsters last week, and how it’s really about what humans can do to other humans. Which leads me into this week’s post about public shaming, internet trolls, flaming of an individual by online/email group, forum, social / news media, or malicious person. 926 more words

Internet Troll

Convictions for violent crimes against women are at an all-time high, but what about online 'violence'?

Ellouise Long is a PhD candidate in Middlesex University’s Psychology Department. Her research in the field of forensic psychology focuses on online behaviour and internet trolling in particular. 849 more words