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Trolls - How do you deal with them?

What can you do about trolls? I am being trolled at the moment and am not completely sure what to do.

I share admin responsibilities of a FaceBook group (I have mentioned before). 270 more words

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Angela Nagle: What the Right Understood That the Left Didn't

The quality of my writing has decreased the last several days.

I’m aware and I respect your opinion regarding that.

But I’ve been distracted. You see, I’ve been doing research. 224 more words

On JewWario, Channel Awesome, and the split-personality of online interactions.

A long time ago (about a decade), in a strange, uncharted land (the internet), one brave soul had a dream. No, a vision. No! A passion, and he was going to share that passion with the world. 1,244 more words

Channel Awesome

Are You One Of These People?

Hello you wonderful people of the internet I hope you are well! Are you one the following people on the internet?

The embarrassing ones.. These people are usually parents or relations who around 25 years older than you that decided to have a chat in the comments section below a photo! 347 more words

Niamh McGrath

ASMR Community: The Last Great Hope For A Better Internet

Sometimes I troll people on Twitter when I’m bored.

When it’s time to interact with others, it’s difficult to venture back into normal conversation. People take life seriously, ya know? 398 more words


Bridge Troll in Seattle


This is an experiment in saying essentially the same thing in two different forms: Prose Poem vs. Exposition.  I prefer poetry, but I really need to work on my prose if I want to write those adventure stories about treasure, monsters, and the people caught in between. 1,197 more words


Five internet trolls a day convicted in UK as figures show ten-fold increase

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It appears that the convictions for trolling have increased. “Last year, 1,209 people were convicted under the Communications Act 2003 and similar numbers were convicted under¬†the Malicious Communications Act.” 209 more words