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Trolling Flipkart’s Big Billion Days made me realise that no one really checks anything

Every now and then I find something on the internet worth saving. One of them happened to be a rather innocuous image showing off Flipkart’s pricing snafu from last year’s highly touted Big Billion Day sale. 405 more words


Click Image to hear Doc Nuccitelli interviewed.

Doc Nuccitelli will be interviewed live again October 2, 2015 at 7:15pm EST on “America Now with Meghan McCain” regarding the recent UCC shooting, the FBI investigating 4chan and the thread the UCC shooter was posting in. 79 more words

Flagged On Yabberz, Settling Scores With Right Wingers Online

Yabberz is a great place to have discussions, debates and rants that come from real people who aren’t pundits or political geniuses. We know this because right wing crackpots post on there all the time. 373 more words

Endings and beginnings

30th September signals the end of trout and salmon fishing in these parts, OK, so there are little bits of game angling to be found until the middle of October but basically it is all over for another season. 618 more words

Fishing In Ireland

Keyboard Commandos, Sniper Trolls

This post was a long time coming and in fact has been sitting in my “Drafts” folder since June but it’s arrival was sped up considerably over the past few weeks when I ventured into one too many (?) articles posted on social media. 338 more words

Internet Challenges are for idiots

I’m just going to be totally honest here. Occasionally I enjoy trolling on the Internet. I’m not very good, but it’s always funny when my purposely stupid words are taken at face value and it causes rage. 670 more words

Richard Corriere's Science Update: Online Creeps like it anonymous

Richard Corriere’s Science Update:  Online Creeps like it anonymous

  • The greater anonymity the more people are negative and nasty.  Turns out bravery is for the transparent. 
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Richard Corriere