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Joel O$teen blocked me on Twitter

I admit I was bored and was looking for someone to troll, but this guy totally asked for it! I looked through all of his tweets for the year and not one of them quoted from the Bible: 302 more words

Whats The Deal With

Darude Sandstorm...The Story.

Darude Sandstorm, the answer that any person would get if you ask for the name of a song on a certain time of the video in the comments section… 115 more words


Let the Fur Fly! Interview with the #Reddit Mod who turned r/ #Anonymous to a Furry Paradise

Well kittens, it’s been almost a full week since r/Anonymous got a surprise makeover. On Sunday, August 23 it suddenly turned from a boringly respectable space for… 1,187 more words


Lauren Mayberry slams the misogynistic trolls

CHVRCHES lead singer Lauren Mayberry has spoken out about online misogyny again during an interview on Channel 4 in the UK.

Mayberry, who is 27, recently featured in the band’s new video for its single… 472 more words


These first-time fishermen know all the best (and worst) parts of fishing

It was likely only a matter of time before Andrew and Sophie found themselves working as first-time deckhands. They’d spent the last year in Sitka, after all, a town where people talk about fishing the way other towns talk about the weather — that is to say, constantly. 2,079 more words


Short Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

Vox Day’s short new book “SJWs Always Lie” is essential reading for anyone interested in modern online moral panics triggered by Social Justice Warriors. Vox explains what these people are, how they function, and what to do if you’re attacked. 162 more words