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haikus inspired by a photograph

sunlit Sint Jacob

inside a tavern of trolls

stood out in the square

bright morning street scene

invaded by disorder

of nightly pleasures

in one dark corner… 114 more words


Googles and Skittles and Skypes, Oh My!

How alt-right trolls are harassing Jews, Muslims and black people

Take a moment to cherish your favorite candies and search engines — you never know when the… 478 more words


Knocking Coming From the Mirror

I woke up to hear knocking on glass. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes from a short night of rest. As I cracked my neck, I looked around to see where the knocking was coming from, but couldn’t see anything or anyone. 1,096 more words

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The following question was asked and answered during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial after an extended discussion at the bench. Judge Mason allowed it over Brett Kimberlin’s objection because it could show that Aaron Walker had a reasonable basis for writing what he had written. 20 more words

Team Kimberlin

Overwatch Player Gets Revenge On Cocky Symmetra Troll

(Source: kotaku.com)


In Overwatch, certain people pick Symmetra for the sole purpose of placing teleporters near ledges and watching gung-ho allies with stars in their eyes and dreams in their hearts plunge to their deaths. 135 more words


Vox: Here's what it would take for Twitter to get serious about its harassment problem

Vox: Here’s what it would take for Twitter to get serious about its harassment problem. “The fundamental problem, as one subject of harassment on Twitter told me, is that Twitter still doesn’t seem to see fighting abuse as a core part of the product. 77 more words

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The Anatomy of Hate: Arrival of the Alt-Right

Orange is the new Hate. Donald J. Trump steers a 16-month presidential campaign across America. On his tour, he embraces a band of racists, anarchists, and belligerent voters that are primed to take over Washington D.C. 2,130 more words