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Trollshaws: Revisited

Recently my characters have made it to the Trollshaws, And as usual the region is gorgeous with it’s perma-fall foliage. and the weather has been beautiful the past few days. 255 more words


Epic minstrel

Lord of the rings online

A long weekend (June 20-24) with Lotro. Vytautaz was inactive. DunedanMule was crafting Guild reputation patterns and exchanging medium to large ones (5 mediums –>1 large). 581 more words

To Dale: An Understanding

“If I ever forget myself and travel too fast let me know,” Eruviel said matter-of-factly as they ran up the last incline. The day had begun to fade as she led Eirikr through a narrow ravine to a hidden camp site jutting out from a near cliff side. 1,219 more words