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The Road to Rivendell Pt. 3

As Humpadink ran up the stares he could have sworn that he heard distant, hoarse, laughing. It was thereĀ  that he made the decision to never spend another night in the basement. 1,145 more words


Roast Mutton

I’ve said previously about the tour of Hobbiton being incredible and producing memories that will be long remembered. However, it is definitely NOT the best Middle Earth tour I’ve now done in NZ. 1,092 more words

The Hobbit

Trollshaws: Revisited

Recently my characters have made it to the Trollshaws, And as usual the region is gorgeous with it’s perma-fall foliage. and the weather has been beautiful the past few days. 255 more words


Epic minstrel

Lord of the rings online

A long weekend (June 20-24) with Lotro. Vytautaz was inactive. DunedanMule was crafting Guild reputation patterns and exchanging medium to large ones (5 mediums –>1 large). 581 more words

To Dale: An Understanding

“If I ever forget myself and travel too fast let me know,” Eruviel said matter-of-factly as they ran up the last incline. The day had begun to fade as she led Eirikr through a narrow ravine to a hidden camp site jutting out from a near cliff side. 1,219 more words


Trollshaw Scout

‘I reached here at last by a long hard road, up the Hoarwell and through the Ettenmoors, and down from the north. It took me nearly fourteen days from…

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To Dale: From Ost Guruth to Rivendell

A stagnant air hovered over Ost Guruth. Eruviel could sense the restless spirits from beyond the Red Pass, and the weight of their wickedness and sorrow made her skin crawl. 1,266 more words