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Final Tromsø photodump

This is my final post of my trip to Tromsø, and I want to dedicate this one to a few more pictures of small things I ran into. 44 more words


Travel Diaries - Tromso & Oslo, Norway

Hey everyone! I know that we are in 2018, but since I started blogging again I thought I would share the highlight of my 2017. As you may know, I’m still currently a full time college student so traveling can be a bit hard. 298 more words



Tromsø has its own little mini aquarium, called Polaria. Its main attraction is a bunch of seals, but they also have quite a few fish, shellfish and coral, both from the area and from a little further away. 56 more words


The hygge of travel

Yes yes yes, we all know about hygge at home don’t we? But in my neck of the woods, it’s cold, it’s grey and I’m spending every waking second trying to strategically plan my annual leave, lusting over travel blogs and ending up 35 tabs deep in flight websites. 1,714 more words


When you go near the arctic in winter

Be sure to anticipate lots of snow. I was there for three full days, and I managed to take lots of pictures of the snowy landscape. 8 more words


Churches in Tromsø

Tromsø is home to the northernmost cathedral in the world: the Tromsø domkirke. This, despite what you might think, is not the same as the much prettier Arctic Cathedral, located just near the bridge on the mainland that leads to Tromsø island. 52 more words


The Fjords around Tromsø

So on the whale watching tour I took, we spent four hours travelling 120 kilometers back and forth throughout the fjords around the area in order to get to the whales. 37 more words