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What no one tells you about the northern lights

As a child, I did not fancy having a truckload of clothes or cars. Infact I dreamt about being an astronaut because the stars and the sky enchanted me. 459 more words


WWOOFing in Norway - Part 1

2016 had just begun when I decided to finally turn a dream I had for years into reality: doing WWOOF. But where? I always wanted to explore Europe’s highest north, so I studied a random map for some minutes and came to the conclusion: North-Norway. 898 more words


Resetipset - Tromsö, part II

Upptäcksresa i Nord Norge

För en vecka sedan var jag på en spontan weekend expedition i Nord Norge, en bloggad story som ni kan läsa om under… 447 more words

Travel Guide

Tromsø on a budget

As you know, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but don’t let that stop you from visiting because you would be missing out on… 320 more words


Tromsø - Soak in the wonders of Norwegian fjords

Northern Norway has some of the most stunning landscapes in the region. Tromsø is not just famous for the Aurora Borealis, it also has breathtaking fjord landscapes surrounded by thriving wildlife. 411 more words


Midnight Yoik

A Yoik is a Sami song. It can be about anything. It was thought to be improper, even scandalous, to perform or utter such a thing in Norway until the 1980’s. 1,111 more words


Tromsø - Whale watching expedition

Spotting a whale or a pod of orcas can be difficult even under the best conditions! Sea eagles and beautiful fjords are added bonuses while we cruised out to the Arctic Ocean in search of these amazingly large, mystical mammals. 551 more words