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Project Happiness 365: Day 295

Raindrops kept falling on my head!

There was a release of Magic new deck Kaladesh in Tromsø. He bought the box for us! 😊 Very happy!


Project Happiness 365: Day 294

A very dear friend shared this picture with me and said that it was his favourite tree and hoped it brings me happiness! 😊
Beautiful tree no? 10 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 293

I got my job contract extended for six more months. Tromsø looked so beautiful at night. I have been dreaming so much of sliding on ice. 31 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 292

Spot the difference! Lol!! 😊

I think I am gonna fill my page with these beautiful landscape pictures of Northern Norway.
Today has been ups and downs but well life is good.


Trondheim, Trondhjem eller Nidaros??..

Roger Lockertsen knows “everything” about it.. Have a look at the 5th episode of NRK TV program Nomino:

OSB: NRK is acronim of “Norsk RikskringKasting” (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) 45 more words