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5 ting vi lærte av Mo IL - TIL

  1. Mikael Norø Ingebrigtsen kan godt få mer spilletid. Scoret utligningsmålet og skaffet frispark i farlig posisjon, et frispark som etter litt om og men og tøffe dueller førte til vinnermålet.
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5 ting vi lærte av TIL - Lillestrøm

TIL er det eneste nordnorske laget som har tatt poeng i årets eliteserie. Her er fem ting til vi lærte i går.

  1. TIL kan ta poeng i eliteserien.
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"Spring" Auroras the 16th April

A relaxing time at the couch turned suddenly in to a chase for the lights yesterday. I have stopped doing ordinary tours and was relaxing in my living room when I checked the activity. 87 more words

Northern Lights

The 17th March 2015. Longest drive worth every minutes.

Sometimes…sometimes you just it will be one of the greatest show coming. To not miss it I decided, together with many other guides to really go as far as needed. 69 more words

Northern Lights

Going for the arctic, and for the tropics

So it has been settled: while the rest of my friends has entered the phase of producing kids and buying homes, I have not and it has become evident to me that I probably will never do so either. 449 more words

Tromsø lights and puppies

Although we were sad to be leaving our favourite city yet (this had nothing to do with Oslo being the first city on our adventure…), we knew we would have even more exciting adventures in store for us over the next couple of days 2 hours north in Tromsø. 592 more words