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TRON-Alike Shooting

Together with a good friend of mine I decidet to make a TRON shooting. Here you can find our first try. This project will be continued :) Pictures and Disc by Sebastian Endert, Photoshop, modeling and make-up, me myself.

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The Director Of 'Tron: Legacy' May Helm A 'Gran Turismo' Movie With A Tron-Like Premise

A couple years back, news hit that Sony was looking to make a movie out its popular Gran Turismo racing games. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the project, likely because somebody realized the… 205 more words


Cartoons and Animation

I came to cartoons pretty late in life. I grew up with some classics — Slimer and the GhostbustersBatman: The Animated Series, and the rest of the… 502 more words

Classic Tron Arcade Game


Classic Tron Arcade Game

What it is:

Tron is a stand up arcade game from 1982, produced by Bally Midway. This amazing piece of history is 30 year old technology and it still sends chills up my spine when I see it’s ominous blue glow in the dark. 838 more words

Shut Up And Take My Money!

Feline One, Swiss Motorcycle with a $280,000 Price Tag

Feline One has nothing to do with cats, except for a small resemblance in the design. It’s actually a motorcycle with a cool futuristic design by Swiss designer Yacouba Galle. 29 more words