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Online, initialize automatic type in “Facebook.com” habit;

I’m trapped,

So I’m gonna drivel some crap into your lap;

Who could have predicted! – I’m addicted! –  to the rap of societies fallacy; 236 more words


222. Tron


One’s ability to enjoy “Tron” depends wholly on their willingness to buy into it. The story is hackneyed and cheesy, and the digital animation, while innovative and visionary, becomes nauseating to watch after a while. 399 more words

Tron Black Light Trunk or Treat

Flynn says, “I got in!”  Nerd alert!  Tron is a movie from 1982 first and then in 2010 there was a follow up, Tron Legacy.  For inspiration my husband and I watched both.  847 more words

Comm Talk 004: Celeste hasn't seen Tron!?

As it turns out Celeste has not seen Tron and many other movies. We have decided to correct this this month. So what were Celeste’s thoughts? 15 more words

Geek Devotions

Statistics Saturday: Some Half-Considered Halloween Costumes

  • Uhm … Tron scarecrow?
  • Tron witch?
  • Mouse, but from Tron?
  • What about, like, black cat, only with like Tron markings?
  • Sullenly furious Tron teacup? …
  • 74 more words

Prepare to enter the Grid: Part 13 of our look at Vekoma

The second roller coaster at Shanghai Disneyland is a dream that moviegoers have had since the movie premiered in 1982: what if we could enter the Grid of TRON and race on one of the Light Cycles?  1,394 more words

Industry Profile

Joseph Konsinski Gives Update About 'Tron: Legacy' Sequel

The director of ‘Tron: Legacy‘, Joseph Kosinski, has given us an update on a potential sequel. ‘Tron: Legacy‘ is a sequel continuation of the 1982 ‘Tron‘, that was released in 2010. 382 more words