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Tron (1982)

A gifted but rebellious computer programmer is digitised and sent into the heart of a computer system where software is personified and exists within a landscape ruled with an iron fist by a dictator called the Master Control Program. 217 more words


Tron Invades GTA Online, Nintendo Offers Nintendo Hustle | Last Week's Gaming News - NOV. 14th, 2016

In this week’s edition of Last Week’s Gaming News, I talk about The release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, the new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, Beware of Slenderman documentary, Grand Theft Auto Online’s Deadline mode, and the great Nintendo NES Classic mini shortage. 8 more words


Cindy Morgan 'Yori/Lora' Signed Tron Movie Script

Cindy Morgan ‘Yori/Lora’ Signed Tron Movie Script

Complete « TRON » Movie Script signed by Cindy Morgan (portrayed roles of « Yori » and « Lora » in the movie). 25 more words

Tron: legacy review

Having not seen the original, i don’t know the standard that it holds up at, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t fall into numerous cliches and not leave room for much character development. 153 more words

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The Deadline Update Is One Of The Best Things In GTA Online

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image credit: SnapArtCrew

The Tron lightcycle is one of the coolest vehicles of all time…and now you can drive it in GTA Online, thanks to a new “Deadline” mode. 476 more words


Arts review: The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Lucas Petit

Dir. Andy McGregor, the Tron, 12th – 15th October

When a play starts with two delusional tramps, aka God (Darren Brownlie) and Lucifer (Ashley Smith), betting 50 quid on God’s ability to corrupt the most boring human being – Lucas Petit (Alasdair Hankinson) – into a life of sin and crime, you starts to suspect that everything will go hilariously wrong. 257 more words

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Rough Oak Times & Durell Tron

Well either get in the game, or watch the others race to the finish… The point in which you decide to get in the game doesn’t matter, what matters is You being apart of The Game. 232 more words