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An Absent Fire

Apologies for the lateness. I hope the quality of the work makes up for it. Cheers!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Higher Powers choose a young, innocent farm boy to be their weapon of war. 1,566 more words

Short Stories

The Stalker's Would-be Girlfriend?

I’ve been on the staff of several literary journals now and I am shocked at the prevalence/frequency of one particular species of story:

The guy-sees-girl-and-is-transformed trope. 280 more words


Kitty Montgomery (from Dharma & Greg)

Boy oh boy, we have a lot to talk about. Let’s delve into the world of ice queens and lesbian subtext–two of my favorite things! 1,046 more words

Character Psychology


Charientismus (kar-i-en-tia’-mus): Mollifying harsh words by answering them with a smooth and appeasing mock.

This is the fourth time today that you’ve had something disrespectful to say to me. 33 more words


Blog #25 Horror Tropes

I’ve had some time off and like any well-adjusted, fully grown man I spent it indulging in a horror marathon. When you dip in and out of a genre, you can appreciate the broad strokes but it can be good to get really into a proper binging session. 559 more words


Trope Sighting! The Reluctant Witch

I’ve been reading Deborah Harkness’s Discovery of Witches, in which Diana Bishop is another heroine who has rejected her witchcraft at the start of the book. 201 more words



Chronographia (chro-no-graph’-i-a): Vivid representation of a certain historical or recurring time (such as a season) to create an illusion of reality. A kind of enargia… 322 more words