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All We Are Is Dust In The Wind, Dude

Quick question: what’s with old timey cultists and southern accents? I mean…sure, the south is seen as rural and backwoods and backwards, but it’s really not. 205 more words


Feminist Friday: Women in Refrigerators

The term “women in refrigerators” comes from the world of comic books — a world that’s still opaque to many people. Fear not, though. This post is about how that term actually applies to everything else! 639 more words

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How Does Destiny Treat Female Characters?

Before I dig into this, I’m going to fire off a few point-form notes.

  • The way female characters, female developers and female gamers are treated today is wrong.
  • 615 more words

Throwback Thursday: Weaving the world of Children’s Literature

Hugo Guzman


Ah, Library Day. It was the one time a week in grade school when we all had to shuffle to the library, pretend to like reading and maybe get to play on the computer – unless you actually did like reading, in which case, you enjoyed shuffling to the library and grabbing a book for that week! 499 more words

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Life in a YA Novel

I’m in my twenties and I read a lot of YA fiction.

A lot.

But in its defense, YA is grippingly honest, genuine, and open. The protagonists are going through the process of growing up, and that’s something we can all relate to. 679 more words

Reading Life

Games Vs Libraries: Zero Day

In this series I’d like to take a look at how library spaces and interactions are used in video games. Some of the questions I might ask are: 213 more words


Cultural Diary Week 3: The Frankfurt School and the Music Industry

For this week’s cultural diary, we were asked to conduct a Frankfurt School-informed critique of a cultural industry of our choice. I have decided to look at the music industry, as I feel it is the easiest industry to see the extent to which a Frankfurt School style analysis can still be used in relation to contemporary culture. 406 more words

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