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Mad Max and the Damsels Who Do Things

I saw Mad Max a couple nights ago, and I got at least two blogs worth of thoughts out of it. My overall impression of this movie was that it not perfect, but I enjoyed it and if you’re in the mood for a lot of good action scenes you will probably love it. 1,040 more words

I Understood That Reference

The other day, I received a comment about a story I posted online a while ago. The reader seemed rather put out that I had made such a blatant  554 more words


Tropic of the Week #1: The Overlooked Teachers At Hogwarts

The characters in the Harry Potter series are well developed (and I mean the books, not the movies). Of those characters, if one is to look at the teachers at Hogwarts, two have been given detailed background stories – namely Snape and Dumbledore. 959 more words


The Video Game RPG Tropes That Need To Be Slain For Good

I’ve been playing through The Witcher III, albeit slowly because I’m the kind of person who racks up every possible sidequest and feels a weird itch whenever there’s something marked undone on a map. 604 more words


Trope City: Furious Seven gets a review

Ridiculous, but fun. That’s how I’d sum up the latest installment of the Fast & Furious movie franchise. I’ll admit, I’m drawn to this celebration of cars, guns, and testosterone. 1,085 more words


Trope of the Week: I Hate My Dystopic Job

Living in the hell-hole that is a dystopia — no matter if it’s capitalist or communist — means that your characters hates their job. They were forced into this position, but the government has been in control for so long that there’s no means of fighting it, so no one tries. 342 more words

Writing Tips

Genre, technology and "magic systems"

I find mainstream “Sci-Fi” a repulsive genre.

At first mention it summons images of aliens, spaceships, rogue AI and orbital colonies or whatever generic schlock that’s already been done and explored to death.  573 more words