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Week 2: The Influence of Advertising

This week, please respond to THREE prompts: TWO of the lettered prompts (A – G), and the MANDATORY prompt at the end of the lecture. 3,973 more words

Lectures And Comments

Current struggle

The current struggle in attempting to develop any expanded piece of work comes from whole your-story-is-never-original thing.

Every idea I have links back to something I’ve read in some way and it’s just so disturbing. 119 more words


Turn, Turn, Turn Again . . .

For my inaugural post in this new blogging environment, I am migrating (with minor edits) a post I made some time ago to my old blog ( 834 more words


Infuriating Fantasy #3: A Wizard Did It

“It’s magic, I don’t have to explain it.”

The standard cop-out of a lazy writer.  The term gained meme status after it was stated by comic book writer, Joe Quesada in his defense of the much maligned spider-man comic “One More Day”. 820 more words

Infuriating Fantasy

Jurassic World and Suspension of Disbelief

I finally got my chance to watch Jurassic World this week, and I came away thinking about Writing Excuses. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a podcast that has, I think, some of the best writerly advice out there. 1,413 more words


Trope of the Week: Naive & 23

First of all, this character is a she. There are nearly no exceptions. She lives in middle-class America (or its equivalent), and she’s the extreme version of the girl next door. 471 more words

Writing Tips

Rage Thursday: Tropes Fantasy And Sci-Fi Are Known For (and not in a good way)

Okay, so it’s not just fantasy and sci-fi that are responsible for recycling these over-used tropes; they pop up everywhere in TV shows, books, movies, in a large variation of genres. 309 more words