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Paralipsis (par-a-lip’-sis): Stating and drawing attention to something in the very act of pretending to pass it over (see also cataphasis). A kind of irony. 83 more words


Five Annoying Fanfiction Trends

I truly believe that certain tropes have their place in the world of fiction and fanfiction. Some, however, need to be burnt in a fire until nothing remains. 1,411 more words

Solora Speaks


Paramythia (pa-ra-mee’-thi-a): An expression of consolation and encouragement.

So what if you can’t get any legislation passed and the Courts are saying “No, no, no.” 118 more words



Paraprosdokian: A figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase  is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe the first part. 70 more words



Paregmenon (pa-reg’-men-on): A general term for the repetition of a word or its cognates in a short sentence. Often, but not always, polyptoton.

Here, there, and everywhere–wherever we look the power of love is eroding. 81 more words



Pareuresis (par-yur-ee’-sis): To put forward a convincing excuse.

I bought these pants at Salvation Army. Case closed.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu). Bracketed text added by Gorgias.


Overused tropes: earth is overpopulated

Of all the unused tropes I think that of the world being too full of people comes up the most. I understand the reason for it, if there are starving people there must be a shortage of food right? 638 more words