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Apostrophe (a-pos’-tro-phe): Turning one’s speech from one audience to another. Most often, apostrophe occurs when one addresses oneself to an abstraction, to an inanimate object, or to the absent. 179 more words


Worst Fantasy Novel Plan- EVER!

*Lovingly made for all fantasy fans*

Ever wonder how cliche fantasy books get written? Well wonder know more, because this is the ultimate guide for writing the WORST fantasy novel imaginable! 1,223 more words


The Lessons Are There For A Reason

I think I can honestly say that I have learned the majority of the lessons I carry around with me through observation rather than personal experience. 876 more words


My Least Favourite Fantasy Tropes

So I’ve been looking at my stats for the year lately and I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve read *a lot* of fantasy in 2017. 1,288 more words


Tropes, Archetypes, and Sterotypes

Was looking over tropes and archetypes and came across something interesting.  In my novel I needed a mentor archetype to teach my MC (hero) the ropes. 391 more words


Trope Sighting! Competition for the Heroine's affections at the (in)opportune moment

The heroine’s alternate suitor makes his bid for her affections during a low or rocky point in the relationship

Type I: The Rival

One of the hero’s associates or relatives, who is not on good terms with the hero, and while presenting his suit, reveals something damaging about the hero or gives misinformation to the heroine that further weakens the relationship. 395 more words


Archetype Sighting! Mothers-in-Law in Contemporary Romance

4 Archetypes Often Used for the Hero’s Mother


who despises the heroine, belittles her, but acts civil in front of the hero, who adores her… 280 more words