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Let's Talk About Fairytales #5: The Girl Without Hands

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed your last few weeks of summer and are ready to dive into fall! Today I wanted to take a break from reviewing horror movies and talk about my favorite subject: crazy fairytales. 1,312 more words


Introduction to Fictional Work Tropes - Junk #00

Hello there folks! I’m Mega Prions <read as ‘Nikki Gem’> but you can call me PriMe.

Welcome to my first blog. My upcoming blogs will contain reviews and personal opinions about my beloved books, films and tv shows such as Tokyo Ghoul manga, Zootopia, Jane the Virgin, Noli & El Fili and many more(well at least, I’ve informed you that I have a weird yet sophisticated taste) 352 more words


I Don't Trust these Goddamn Guys

The game begins with your return to Dunwall and you are soon met by the ugliest man in the world. “Corvo, two days early,” he says in a weedy yet arrogant voice, “Full of surprises, as usual.” I wonder what the chances are of this man turning out to be a villain, and estimate it to be around one in one. 2,935 more words


The Streak

Laura Lippman always says that one of the most worn-out, tired cliches/tropes of crime fiction is a beautiful woman dies, and a man feels bad. 315 more words

Robots, eye lights and science-fiction clichés

A trope in TV and movie science fiction: The evil, unbeatable robot or other mechanical device is completely, truly, really most sincerely dead only when its lights (usually the eyes, in the case of a robot) go dim and fade to black. 77 more words

Pop Culture

Sci-Fi: Use the trope or make it yourself?

In my other post about swearing, I was considering that the language comes with the character.

In real life, there’s people I know who use cuss words every other word. 1,040 more words

How To Write A Book

For Realz?

Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell, 2012)

Airplane movie after tons of pressure to watch it. Not anyone specific’s pressure, just general cultural baggage. Americans… 253 more words