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The Breakdown: My Ideal Hero

I am a weird person. A very, VERY weird person. Something about me makes me dislike most main protagonists. And it is not even a case of me preferring anti-heroes since I tend to dislike them even more. 1,284 more words

The Breakdown

Samhain Special 1: The Uncanny Valley

I decided to out another category on my blog: witchcraft. As a witch, the most important feast of the year is for me Samhain. And aside of being kinda the holy day where the borders between the sphere of the dead and the living is thin, it is the ancestor to the famous Halloween. 848 more words


Coincidences and crowded genres

As a genre writer it’s inevitable that at some point you will encounter a book that sounds like yours. Even if you stay away from the major trends (cowboy, shifter, vampires) like I do, there are only so many tropes and story lines to go around. 306 more words


Beauty and The Beast Book Tag

Hello I was tagged by Lilly @ Lair of Books and Ash @ Once Upon A Bookshelf for the Beauty and the Beast Tag! CHECK OUT THEIR AWESOME BLOGS!!!! 542 more words


Exuscitatio (ex-us-ci-ta’-ti-o): Stirring others by one’s own vehement feeling (sometimes by means of a rhetorical question, and often for the sake of exciting anger).

How many times are we going to let them get away with it? 113 more words

Figures Of Speech

Fiction Tropes!

Ah, tropes: when you start reading through a submissions pile, you start to acquire pet peeves, and you start to notice overused tropes. Now, tropes become, well, tropes, because there can be something useful about them. 292 more words


Tropes I'm Trash For

YA is notorious for its use and overuse of tropes and I think a lot of them automatically get shunned as innately negative. Personally, I think all tropes have the possibility to be great if wielded correctly (except for insta love – insta love is never okay!). 1,029 more words

Ya Fantasy