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Let's Talk: The Trope “True Love's Kiss Breaks the Curse/Spell”

This post is heavily inspired by the recent musical episode of The Flash, which was a crossover with Supergirl. Just to clear something up this is not a review of this episode but rather my take on a popular trope that found it’s way into this episode’s plot. 910 more words

Things Nobody Does in Real Life Pt III (Love and Friendship)

I love t.v. but sometimes it is so far removed from reality, I have trouble equating the characters to actual functioning humans, vampire or rainicorn status notwithstanding. 821 more words


Aphaeresis (aph-aer’-e-sis): The omission of a syllable or letter at the beginning of a word. A kind of metaplasm.

‘Round, and ’round, and ’round she goes. 96 more words


Trope Denied! NOT Running from an Arranged Marriage

When the heroine is forced to marry an anti-hero, but instead of hatching an elaborate but doomed escape plan, she recognizes running is not an option… 344 more words

Fiction Craft

So you want a cliché free Dungeons and Dragons campaign…

Every good Dungeons and Dragons campaign starts in a tavern.  No wait!  Every good D&D campaign starts in a tavern, and requires you to fight goblins.  1,676 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

In which P. Pufferfish discusses Romance and the Chosen One trope in Siege and Storm

I never thought I’d say this, but I finally managed to slog through Siege and Storm (thanks, Spring Break!) after two weeks. No offense to Leigh Bardugo or anything, but the Grisha Trilogy just doesn’t have the same oomph that… 902 more words



Aphorismus ( a-phor-is’-mus): Calling into question the proper use of a word.

You call that health insurance? It looks more like a death warrant! It’ll deprive millions of people of health insurance by driving up monthly premium costs. 157 more words