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Cullen's Whiplash Writing Recommendations: The Importance of Detail and Worldbuilding

It may seem odd once we get down to it that this article isn’t part of the main worldbuilding chain, but I’ve been thinking recently that it might be handy to further explore some ideas that underlie most of my writing methods. 1,875 more words


Trope Talk Tuesday #3 | Girl Hate

Today’s topic for Trope Talk is Girl Hate. I’m sure you’ve seen this trope around, it’s when a girl/a group of girls hate the protagonist (also a girl, obviously) for no discernible reason. 134 more words

On the Woeful Underuse of Suddenness in Fictional Combat

Now, before we go any further I want all of you to rest assured I’m not going to tell you “mainstream film and media suck because they don’t do this thing I want them to!” If we were going that route, I’d just hop on the whitewashing bandwagon and word-flay them for being more concerned about profits than accurate casting. 1,859 more words


Going Over the Rainbow: Writing an Asexual Character Part 2

I apologize for this post being late, but I spent some extra time to make sure I covered as many topics as possible.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at… 2,306 more words


Common Lesbian Tropes and Their Detrimental Effect on Lesbian Representation in the Media

Nothing pervades our society’s morals, perceptions, culture, and growth more thoroughly than the media. No longer are television shows and movies mindless entertainment – they are a back-and-forth dialogue between the writers and the audience (Smith). 2,547 more words

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On Researching Material For Your Bilious Lies

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while (or delved through the archives, for that matter) will know that I’m big on knowing things about the real world. 2,127 more words


A Glossary of Writerly Jargon

If you’re new (or even not so new) to the world of writing, you may have discovered that us writerly folks have our own jargon. Even if you’re not a writer, if you’re an avid reader you’ve probably associated with enough writers (and/or literary critics) to have heard some odd terms being tossed about. 664 more words

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