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Generating Empathy for a Malign Protagonist

Using a malign protagonist can broaden the possibilities for your story, avoid clichés and allow a more dramatic character arc. But this choice comes with a cost. 639 more words


Dark #Fantasy or Horror? The Felix Chronicles: #BookReview, interview & excerpt

What’s the difference between dark fantasy and horror? I’ve heard lots of theories, and read lots of examples. Actually, that last bit is a lie—I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror anything, so I do my level best to avoid it. 3,210 more words

Book Review

Blue Light Bulbs and Crush: Another 90's Nostalgia

His head dangles over the toilet seat
She’s tall and skinny
She’s anime Red Blue and Green
Gargling V-H-S and long toes for fingers
She’s Gorgeous Darling… 28 more words


Writerly Ways: Tropes That Bug Me Episode 1

What are tropes? Tropes are sort of the recurring things we see in fiction (and real life) that are part of the storytelling process. They are the things that crop up time and time again. 679 more words

Trope of the Week: Invisible Parents

Sure, in theory, parents exist, but have you ever actually seen them? In Young Adult novels and children’s shows especially, parents have a habit of just rarely appearing or interfering with their children’s lives. 261 more words

Writing Tips

Book Burnout

One author used tags for every single line of dialogue. Every. Single. Line.

Another put commas in the strangest places. Like between the words “fuck” and “you”. 938 more words

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