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Double Dose Weekend 1.4. Daily Writing Part 61

Random word of the day: Laser

So I’ve cheated a tiny bit to make this work. There’s no one out there who can stop me! Muahahahaha! 114 more words



What is it about Dukes?

What is the fascination with Dukes?  So many historical romance novels feature Dukes.  I can think of quite a few books I have read in the past six months that feature a Duke as the hero.  949 more words

Historical Romance Novel

Minimalist Pixie Happy-Place Girl

The second anyone gets home, I feel like I can’t breathe. I slept for two hours this afternoon, but my dreams were so stressful and realistic I woke up as emotionally drained as I had been physically drained. 390 more words

Elsewhere on the Internet: Representation in Games

I’ve been enjoying PBS Game/Show, a smart, engaging, and well-presented video series on gaming issues that was recommended to me by several clever friends. Perhaps I like the series particularly well because the presenter appears to share my politics on many issues–and he’s great at addressing or deflecting comments to keep the conversation inclusive and constructive. 1,383 more words


Is Tai Lung a Better Villain than Lord Shen?

The source for this image confuses me considering the movies we’re about to talk about aren’t Disney films…

Whatever. Bloody Disney-centric universe we live in grumble grumble… 1,096 more words

Weekday Shorts

I Am Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

During my teenage years, I desired to be a manic pixie dream girl.

A manic pixie dream girl (or MPDG) is the female character in television and film who is quirky and makes the male protagonist fall in love with her and his own life. 570 more words