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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

“the monster mash”

Directed by Drew Goddard
Starring: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford

Cabin might be the best way for you to enjoy the horror genre as a whole in just one sitting. 178 more words

Micro Reviews

Representation Issues

Any demographic attempting to write from a different demographic is a sticky situation. Someone is inevitably going to be offended, regardless of the writer’s intentions, because readers are not psychic and writers are not omniscient. 523 more words

Defending tropes

So now that my book is finally out, and selling like empty snail-houses, I can finally focus on some other things. (Such as writing the next one.) As beautiful as my wife’s eye is, I’m getting a little tired of seeing it everywhere, so I’ll try to update this page a little more often, and with at least some content that isn’t Fall of Noman-related. 982 more words


Morality Tales, A Whoo Ooh

I have this theory that there are some TV shows which do a fantastic job of providing you with comedy, while also giving excellent insight into human behaviour and telling morality tales. 797 more words



Just read an awesome blog post about the Sexy Tragic Muse and how male writers sometimes utilize the mentally unstable yet beautiful woman as a trope and a crutch for their own explicit fantasies. 13 more words


I Like Anti-Heroes

Superman and his iconic born-to-save-the-world counterparts are great and all, but I prefer anti-heroes.

Anti-heroes are something special. They can be relatable, and come from all walks of life. 127 more words


It's Time to Talk About Tropes #2: Long Hair

(Obligatory “that’s not me.”  My hair, while long and blonde, never behaves that well for photos.)

I’ve wanted to make a tropes post about hair and hair styles for a while now, but in really digging into the topic, I’ve discovered there’s waaaaay too much to cover in just one post, so I’ll start where I’m most comfortable: long hair.  633 more words