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Shelving crisis...

Some people mount animal heads on their wall as trophies. Other people fill their walls with art as artifacts of their travels. Me? Well, I tend to acquire books at a prodigious rate. 221 more words


Annual Awards Dinner 2018

Yak & Yeti -24th March 2018

A big thank you to Dave for organising a very successful evening at the Yak and Yeti who put on a great spread for our annual dinner this year.  196 more words

Squareboy vs Bullies

Squareboy vs Bullies • Defeat all the Bullies • Platinum Trophy • Rarity 82.2% (Common)

Another game that has a problem reigning in their capital letters. 450 more words


Big Adventurer

Little Adventure on the Prairie • Obtain all trophies • Platinum Trophy • Rarity 95.1% (Common)

I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to write about two PlayStation trophies in a day, but I’m on a bit of a roll with my Vita platinums on my new account … and … well, … 415 more words


You Deserve a Trophy!

When you’re having one of those days and someone tells you to “cheer up” …  Wow, what an idea!   Why didn’t I think of that? 11 more words

Conceptual Photography